Weekend of rest and football

Slowly but surely our house is on the mend!

After work I was exhausted. It had been a long week of interrupted sleep and work with both boys recovering for their illnesses.

I went to bed early in the hopes to catch up on some rest.

I had sweat circuit and zumba in the morning. I did a lot of core work and it was tough!


After I got home I really wasn’t feeling the greatest. I took a nap at nap time.

Liam took a few blurry pictures on my phone after nap. Other than that I really didn’t have the energy to do much.

Liam ended up in a time out and was crying and below you can see how Owen reacted. He almost always cries when Liam is sad. It’s so cute and sad.


I went to bed early again to try to feel better.

I ended up feeling a little better after getting some extra rest but still wanted to take it easy for the day. Liam wanted to hold Owen right away in the morning. So cute!


I even got some morning snuggles from Liam which rarely happens.


We had some morning snapchat fun too.

Owen and I spent our morning in our Christmas jammies! 🙂


Then we all go dressed in lounge clothes. Owen was ready to watch the Superbowl in his football gear.

We watched the Superbowl and were impressed with so many funny commercials and a really good game and halftime show!

Then it was off to bed.

We had mostly an uneventful weekend which was just fine with us. Hope you had a great weekend and happy monday!



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