Owen is 5 months old!

My tall and pasty white little one is 5 months old today. He is such a joy to be around and has been so easy on mom and dad. We are very thankful for his constant smiles and regular sleep schedule!

Owen still seems so long to me. He had his last appt at the end of January and measured at 25.75 inches for length and 14.37 lbs for weight. His head size is 42 cm.

Owen was diagnosed with severe eczema in January and we really are having a hard time finding relief for him. Right now we are trying goat milk soap and lotion. It doesn’t seem to be bugging him as much but the rash and dryness are still very present.

Owen is still only drinking breast milk. He is still at 6 oz when he has a bottle. He will eat about 4-5 times each day.

Owen’s sleep has been thrown off since he was sick. He has been getting up at least once every night only needing his pacifier. He more frequently is up several times a night. However for the past week he has been sleeping through the night again for the most part. (and mama is super happy!).

No teeth as of right now however there is A LOT of drool.

Owen can still roll from belly to back but doesn’t do it all that frequently. He is holding his chest up better on his own now and not needing his arms to assist. He appears really close to rolling from back to belly. He gets all the way on his side and just needs to move his one leg over but then he stops before he actually does it.

He likes to be upright and so he likes to be sitting up (assisted) as much as possible.

He is very interested in his toys and his figuring out how to grasp them and bring them to his mouth. He isn’t all that coordinated yet but he is getting there. He loves his exersaucer and being able to look around and discover his toys.

His hands are constantly in his mouth and he is drooling like crazy.


He smiles, coos, babbles, and giggles. When he cries it is typically quite weak and is only if he is hungry, tired, or needs his diaper changed. He is generally a super happy baby and we are very thankful.

Owen has been doing this cough/laugh lately. It is so funny. If you do it back he will repeat.

Owen is obsessed with is big brother Liam. He scans the room to see what he is up to and thinks he is the funniest person ever. It’s adorable.


  • Mom/Dad/Liam
  • Being rocked
  • Mama milk
  • Dad’s singing
  • His pink chair (Liam loved this too)
  • Jumping in his exersaucer
  • Wubbanub
  • Zippadee-Zip sleeper
  • Being naked -used to hate it now he loves it
  • Bath time (in the big tub) -he used to dislike bath time but now that I learned he likes the freedom of a big tub he loves it (but does not make it an easy task)!


  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk (especially in the morning)
  • Having a dirty diaper (he demands to be changed almost instantly)

February winter wonderland!

We had a pretty great weekend and were able to enjoy some time outside in the fresh snow!

After work I was lucky to get snuggles from both my little guys.


Then Liam decided he wanted to lay on the floor with his babies. So cute!


Fridays are always just relaxing evenings for us. We are winding down from the week and gearing up for the weekend.

Sleeping in is a thing of the past for Joe and I. The boys like to get up early and honestly I don’t mind. We had morning play time and hockey too.

Then I went off to sweat circuit/zumba for a good workout…although my knee is still giving me a little trouble.

It snowed on Friday so while I was outside I took some pictures of our beautiful scenery. So white and so pretty.

After nap we got the boys ready to go to my parents so Liam could go sledding with Uncle Blake.

It was so nice to get outside! Owen struggled to keep his eyes open for the pictures haha!

Liam had so much fun sledding with Blake, but after about 3 times down he was ready to be all done. The breeze was a little chilly so his face was getting cold.

I made Liam so hot chocolate in a coffee mug which he loved!


We hung out and had pizza for dinner before heading home. It was snowing so it was a slow drive home for sure.

The boys played a little more once we got home and then it was off to bed.

I forgot to take many pictures…I actually only took one of me and Owen snuggling in the morning. We had a lazy morning and stayed home because of all the snow.


Joe had to go plow for his mom and my grandparents so he picked us up some donuts on the way home.

We played all morning and then everyone took a nap at nap time.

After nap we went to visit Joe’s grandma. She was so happy to see the boys.

We made a quick run to the grocery store, then home, and then had dinner.

After dinner Joe’s parents stopped by to see the boys. Then it was bedtime routine for the boys.

We had a great weekend and the snow was so pretty! Hope you had a great weekend as well and enjoy the week ahead!


A long weekend

Well I am super late to post this but better late than never. Our weekend was pretty uneventful and filled with lots of Olympic watching.

Owen has been exhausted after daycare lately so he has been falling asleep in the evenings. Liam was whispering, “Owen, buddy, gotta wake up buddy.” It was quite adorable!

Owen wakes up so happy every day. I decided to snap a quick picture because he is just so darn cute and happy!


When everyone was up it was straight to the couch for the Olympics.

I had sweat circuit but my knee was really bugging me so I ended up taking it easy.

When I got home Joe had both boys hanging out in Owen’s crib. Again, it was so stinkin’ adorable!

The rest of the day was spent playing and lounging. We had no plans and it was super nice.

I soaked up some sleepy Owen snuggles and it was amazing.


Owen did some “reading” Saturday evening while Liam and Joe did some “wrestling.” LOL

That pretty much sums up our Saturday!

I tried to get a cute picture of the boys before church. They were not interested.

After church we went home and Owen and I got ready for my cousin Matt’s fiance’s baby shower.

The baby shower was super cute! So excited to meet their little boy!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging with the boys (and of course watching the Olympics).

I had Monday off. Joe had a day trip to Chicago for work so it was just me and the boys. They both had a terrible night of sleep so it was a super lazy day for us.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, had a great week, and are ready for the weekend ahead!


Finally healthy and making the most of it

We finally have a healthy household so we decided to get out of the house for a little bit this weekend and get back to “normal.”

I ended up leaving work a little early after a super busy week. I missed the boys and wanted to spend some extra time with them.

Then it was off to my first Bible study with my best friends! We decided to start a new journey together and I am so excited. Looking forward to this group moving forward. And I got to hold little miss Raelynn.

After Bible study I hustled home to get Owen to bed.

Both boys were up bright and early and ready to play. It is so adorable how much they love each other.

Then it was off to workout for me. My knee had been bugging me for a couple days so it ended up being a shorter than normal work out but still felt good to do a little bit.


After workout I quick fed Owen, rinsed off, and got ready to head to Sean and Libby’s to visit. Brynn is just the sweetest little thing! The boys always have fun together (even if they ALWAYS want the same toy).

Liam was so happy to hold Brynn for the first time. He loves her.

Brynn stayed awake for a little bit of our visit. She is such a doll!

We picked up some Subway on the way home and had that for lunch. Then it was nap time for every one.

After nap we had some snapchat fun and I even got some snuggles from Liam.

We spent the evening relaxing and watching the Olympics.

I end up pulling Owen into bed with my and snuggling him back to sleep after he thought waking up super early was a good idea.

Then we all got ready to go to church. After church Liam and I ran to the store to get some valentines for him and Owen to give out at daycare on Wednesday.

Then it was lunch time and nap time by the time we got home.

We spent the majority of the day watching the Olympics. Joe did a lot of cleaning which was super nice. I did a little but he is the rockstar who did a lot of it (thanks Joe!).

We did a lot of afternoon lounging and relaxing.


We invited my parents over for dinner which was super nice. We had lasagna, salad, and bread. Super delicious!

After they left it was time for the boys to go to bed.

Joe and I relaxed watching some snowboarding on the Olympics before calling it a night.

It was a great weekend having everyone healthy and being able to spend time with family! Have a great week!



Weekend of rest and football

Slowly but surely our house is on the mend!

After work I was exhausted. It had been a long week of interrupted sleep and work with both boys recovering for their illnesses.

I went to bed early in the hopes to catch up on some rest.

I had sweat circuit and zumba in the morning. I did a lot of core work and it was tough!


After I got home I really wasn’t feeling the greatest. I took a nap at nap time.

Liam took a few blurry pictures on my phone after nap. Other than that I really didn’t have the energy to do much.

Liam ended up in a time out and was crying and below you can see how Owen reacted. He almost always cries when Liam is sad. It’s so cute and sad.


I went to bed early again to try to feel better.

I ended up feeling a little better after getting some extra rest but still wanted to take it easy for the day. Liam wanted to hold Owen right away in the morning. So cute!


I even got some morning snuggles from Liam which rarely happens.


We had some morning snapchat fun too.

Owen and I spent our morning in our Christmas jammies! 🙂


Then we all go dressed in lounge clothes. Owen was ready to watch the Superbowl in his football gear.

We watched the Superbowl and were impressed with so many funny commercials and a really good game and halftime show!

Then it was off to bed.

We had mostly an uneventful weekend which was just fine with us. Hope you had a great weekend and happy monday!



Struggling with self-love

It was Sunday and I was picking out my clothes for work Monday (because who has time for that in the morning with a 2 year old and 4 month old). As I stared at my clothes in my closet all I could see were the clothes that didn’t fit me quite right since having my second baby. I saw a very slim selection of clothes that fit me now and began to feel down.

My husband noticed and he reassured me of everything I already knew: you look great, you just had a baby, it will get better. But in that moment I just couldn’t feel that way and I began to cry. I felt upset that my body isn’t what it was. I felt upset for breastfeeding holding me back from losing weight. Then I felt upset/guilt over being upset about breastfeeding.

I used to focus on what I looked like rather than being healthy and since having Owen I have ended up at that spot again. It’s a terrible place to be with constant self-judgement, self-criticism, and disappointment. I have become my own worst critic. I would never expect someone else with a 4 month old to be back to their pre-baby weight/shape (or expect that of anyone ever) so why do I put such high expectations on myself? I have side by side pictures of the progress I have made and yet I still don’t believe it.

Well I am done with that, or at least I’m going to work really hard to be done with that. I know there will be some days that are just harder than others but I am going to strive every day to think more positively and accept my body for what it is and what it has done and what it is currently doing. My body is amazing. It gave birth to 2 beautiful baby boys and now it is creating food for my youngest. It allows me to be physically active and to play with my kids.

I want to be able to say “I love myself” and truly mean it without that voice in my head saying “except this, this, and this.” I no longer want to say to myself, “if only I had her ______and her ______.” It’s so easy to compare myself to others but the reality is I am perfect just the way I am and the way I am is exactly how I was meant to be.

So here is to working on self-love and reminding myself daily to love me just as I am!