Meeting Brynn and other weekend fun!

We had a wonderful weekend!

We found out my sister-in-law, Libby would be induced in the evening and we would get to meet our nephew/niece very soon! We were super excited!

After work we all just spent the evening relaxing and hoping to get an update on baby.


I ended up in bed by 8:30pm. I guess I was tired.

Around 11pm we got the text that baby was born and everyone was healthy! YAY!

We were all up early and ready to take on the day. Liam said it was too early for pictures haha!

I taught a super quick (and super tough) sweat circuit and then hustled home to take a shower and get ready to head to the hospital to meet baby!


Once we got to the hospital we couldn’t wait to find out baby’s gender and hold baby. They announced “It’s a GIRL!” and her name is Brynn Carolyn. ADORABLE!

She was just a little peanut at 7lbs 1oz. And she made Owen look huge!

The big brother and big cousin had fun playing while we visited with Brynn. Judah made sure Liam knew it was his baby and not Liam’s baby. They are so funny!


I’m so excited for their family and their new little addition. She is the cutest and I love her so much already!

We went out to lunch with everyone (except baby Brynn and Libby) after our visit. We went to Old Southern BBQ in Hudson and it was super good!

Then we went home and everyone took a little nap.

We spent the rest of the day at home just hanging out.


Owen was super tired and fell asleep in my arms on the couch. I soaked up those snuggles.

It seemed like a long day so I was ready for bed again.

The boys were up early (like always) so we had a nice relaxing morning together.


We are trying to find a church that is right for us. We like our current church but it doesn’t really meet our family needs. I want a church that has Sunday school for Liam so that he can learn while there too. Joe and I admit we are both feeling a little lost right now as far as a church goes so we are trying some new options and hoping to find one that fits our needs. We decided this week to try First Lutheran Church in New Richmond.

We enjoyed the service. It was at 8am which was really nice because there was a lot of day left after. It was a traditional Lutheran service. At 9:15am they have a contemporary service. We are going to try that one next weekend and see what we think. Liam was so well-behaved, and Owen too. I’m looking forward to learning a little more and getting involved in a church again.

After church we made a quick trip to Aldi to get a few things. Then we went to Stillwater for breakfast at Tin Bins with Joe’s parents and his sister’s family. It was super good like always.

When we got home it was nap time. I ended up taking another nap. I have just been super tired lately.

After nap we had plans to visit little Brynn however those changed early in the morning since she is having to stay at the hospital a little longer due to some jaundice and other things. Please keep her in your prayers for quick healing so she can go home and be with her family.

My mom invited us over for pizza and the Eagles vs Vikings game so we decided to do that instead. My brother and nephew, Judah were there too so Liam had a lot of fun.

We watched the game until half time when we headed home to get the boys to bed. We finished watching the game and then settled down for the night and got ready for work the next day.

It was an amazing weekend meeting sweet little Brynn! We love her so much and are praying she gets to go home soon. Hope you all had a great weekend too!




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