The Ellis Wedding

I had the honor of being in one of my bestie from college’s wedding over the weekend.

The wedding was in Appleton, WI (4 hour drive) so Joe and I took the day off and headed to Appleton with Owen. Liam went to daycare where my mom picked him up. He spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.

We got super lucky and Owen slept the entire drive. We got to the hotel around 2:30. We checked in and then went to the room where I fed Owen and we got ready for rehearsal and dinner at 4.

Owen was a happy camper and super good baby during the rehearsal. Around 7 Joe ended up taking him up for a bottle and bed time.


I had a fun evening catching up with all my college friends but I headed to bed just before 10:30 so I could be well rested for the big day!


Joe, Owen and I were up pretty early so we just chilled in the room. Joe got us coffee and I spent some time trying to get my things together for the big day.

Then I headed down to hang out with Ashli and the ladies while we all got our hair done.

Ashli got us all these adorable flannels to wear while we got ready.

Ashli’s mom and sister helped her get into her dress.

My dress was super snug but I made it work. Also look at my boys! They clean up good! Just missing Liam.

I didn’t get any ceremony pictures since I was in the wedding but it was beautiful and so sweet.

After the wedding we were all ready to celebrate!

We took a bus to go take some outside pictures. It was freezing but Ashli got us these fun fur coats to wear.

We ended up going to a bar where they give you a ceiling tile if you go there on your wedding day. We made a super fun tile in honor of the bride and groom.

We had a lot of fun out and about and on the bus!

Then it was back to the hotel for the grand march, dinner, speeches, and dancing.

Ashli and Matt did a super fun 1st dance. It was so cute!

Then we had to quick go sign the marriage license so that it was official. We were all thrilled! 🙂


It was a fun night filled with dancing and great company celebrating an amazing couple! Congratulations Matt and Ashli Ellis!

We were up early again. We got packed up, had some coffee, and got ready to go.

We had breakfast at the hotel with Ashli, Matt, and many other wedding guests. Then we hit the road. It was another long drive but we got home by 3pm. Then we went to pick up Liam who told us all about the fun time he had at Paw Patrol Live.

We were happy to get home but it was such a fun weekend with some of my favorite people! Can’t wait to get together again! Also shout out to my husband who is a saint and took care of Owen in a hotel room all weekend so I could enjoy my time with my friends.

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