Finally some time outside!

Our weekend as always was too short but filled with lots of fun and family time.


After work we spent the evening relaxing. Joe’s mom stopped by to see the boys for a little bit. Joe made some amazing french onion soup in the instant pot. So good!



I had Saturday morning Sweat Circuit/Zumba like always. I was dying the whole class, which is good. Love getting my weekend workout in.


Once I got home it was a quick rinse in the shower and then off to Costco as a family to get a few bigger items that we needed. Liam loved the samples (I did too haha!).

When we got home it was nap time for Liam and Owen was napping too. I grabbed a few toys from the basement and cleaned them up for Owen.

How is Owen big enough to use the exersaucer already?? He is growing way to fast. Liam was pretty amused with it as well.

We had another relaxing evening at home. I love our “wind-down time” on the couch.



The weather turned for the better and we actually had plans to get outside and enjoy it.

Owen was up bright and early (5am) to start the day. He was ready to play with all his new toys that I cleaned up the day prior.


Once Liam woke up he needed to make sure Owen had enough toys to play with so he brought him pretty much all of his toys.

Then once it warmed up a little Joe fired up the snowmobile and took Liam out for a very slow ride. He loved it of course. They then played on the swing set for a bit and played outside for a little while. He loved it!

While the boys were outside Owen and I got dressed for the day. Aren’t we cute?


Then we met Joe’s sister and family and his mom at Tin Bins in Stillwater for breakfast. They have super yummy caramel rolls. It was really good breakfast and coffee and it wasn’t greasy. We enjoyed it.

Once we got home it was time for nap again. Owen was already napping from the car ride so we just had to put Liam down. I ended up taking a nap as well.

After nap we got ready to head to Joe’s sister’s house for some sledding and ice skating. It was Liam’s first time on his new skates from Christmas.

I held Owen in the ergo while the others went sledding. They had a ton of fun.

Then it was time to go skate. Liam was super excited and so were Joe and I. The kids all got there skates on and hit the ice.


Liam was not amused. He wanted to be able to stand and go all by himself and when he realized he couldn’t he got upset. He tried it for a little while with his skates.

We ended up putting his boots on instead and letting him walk on the ice to get used to it. He really liked that a lot.

All the kids had fun out on the ice! Hopefully next time he does a little better on his skates.

I had to get a Sedona and Owen picture of course.


We hung out for a little while and then went home to make dinner.

The boys were both exhausted after the fresh air and exercise outside.

It was a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to spend more time outside!

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