New Years long weekend 2018

Our weekend was pretty uneventful. We had two sick little boys all weekend plus it was freezing outside so we spent most of our time inside resting.


I worked all day but got a cute picture of Owen with Brogan (my daycare providers daughter).


When I got home the boys both didn’t seem well and were tired. We had a lazy evening.


The boys both woke up super sick. Owen was raspy with a cough but still happy. Liam had a cough and looked so sick. He just wanted to lay on the couch and watch cartoons.


I had to go teach sweat circuit and zumba. It was so cold outside but glad I got my workout in.


Liam got a little bit of energy later in the morning (after getting some medicine) so we played a little bit.


Both boys were in great moods despite feeling terrible.

Saturday continued to be a lazy day. We got into our badger gear for the badger game. Joe and Liam went to his parent’s for a little bit because they were having a little party/game night. Owen and I stayed home since he was so sick.

The boys went to bed and we watched more of the game before going to bed ourselves.


The boys were still sick and it was sooooo cold outside. I didn’t even try to go anywhere or do anything. We stayed home all day.


Joe got some sick boy snuggles in the morning from both boys. We literally did nothing all day.


Liam went down for nap and Owen watched some Parks and Recreation on TV with me. I love how he holds his little hands all the time. Joe may have taken a nap too.

Owen seemed to be feeling better but still had those sick eyes and a cough. However he remained a happy little guy.

Liam was still tired and sick when he woke up from nap. Seriously he never just lays on the couch and that was all he wanted to do. I also ended up snuggling Owen for one of his naps because he was struggling staying asleep (I didn’t mind).

Liam is such a daddy’s boy but right now Owen just adores me and I can’t get enough of it.

Seriously having sick kids is the worst, but the snuggles are great and necessary. It was a very, very, low-key NYE for us.

Once the boys were in bed, Joe and I worked on our list of 2017 accomplishments and 2018 goals. I enjoyed some hot cocoa while we did it—Joe did not enjoy my slurping. Haha!


I did not stay up until midnight to “ring in the new year” and I’m not sad about it. I like sleep a lot. I did however make a collage of my #2017bestnine although I have a million amazing pictures from 2017….these are a few of the best.


SUNDAY -New Years Day

We spent the day continuing to rest. Owen seemed a lot better but Liam seemed worse. He had a fever and was not doing well.

I kick started my health goals for the year and had myself a healthy snack instead of just eating all day long. I felt like I was starving all day but by the end of the day I felt good about my choices.


I hope everyone had a great New Years weekend! Happy New Year to all! Make it a good one!


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