Holiday weekend

Well we had a super busy fun weekend!


I had my second day of work and then hustled home to see the boys.

I quick got ready and then Owen and I went to a Christmas party with my best friends.

It was our 11th annual ugly sweater Christmas party.

We do an ornament exchange with a fun game.


I had a super cute ornament made with all our names on it. It’s so fun!

Then it was home to get Owen ready for bed.

I was exhausted and went to bed shortly after.


We all lounged in the morning before I went to sweat circuit.

I did circuit and Chirstmas Zumba combo and it was sweaty! It was great!


Owen was happy to see me after class. Owen got a bath and then was dressed in his packer hat that was my younger brothers when he was a baby.

I had to run to the store quick after I showered which was a huge mistake. It was so busy! I had just a few groceries to grab so it wasn’t all that terrible but there were tons of people out and about.

Liam is so sweet to his brother. He was telling him stories and Owen was giving him big smiles.


Then I was feeling chilly so Liam and I enjoyed some hot chocolate…although he just ate the mini marshmallows (smart kid haha!).


We were invited to enjoy snacks and the Packer/Viking game at Joe’s cousin Natalie’s house. We said we would stop over for a little while but since it was a late game we had to get home and get the kids to bed.


Liam had fun with his cousins in the bounce house and enjoyed testing out some workout equipment.

When we got home Owen was so smiley. Liam was super tired and went right to bed.

Joe and I spent the evening wrapping gifts and watching some of the football game.


Christmas Eve!…post to come including our Christmas celebrations!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

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