Holiday party and Christmas cookie bake

We had a super busy weekend filled with tons of holiday cheer!


Grandpa Bow (Joe’s dad) brought a fox over in the morning. Liam was thrilled to see it. It was super mellow too. It didn’t take off like I thought it would. So cool to watch.

Liam, Owen, and I then headed to Stillwater for a play date at Kid’s Oasis. It is the cutest play place with so many toys! Liam had a ton of fun being a cashier, a cook, a fire fighter, and so much more!

We met my friend Ayla there and her 3 girls Kenna, Emmy, and Jovie. It was a lot of fun.

When we got home it was Liam’s nap time and snuggle time for mom and Owen.

After nap we all hung out for a while and played. We had dinner and then I had to run to the store for a few things. I took Liam with and he picked out some new Paw Patrol jammies.

After both boys were down I made some mint chocolate and chocolate/peanut butter protein treats. So yummy!


Then it was bed time!


Like always, I started my morning off with sweat circuit. I had to take it really easy because my knees have been bugging me, but it’s always great to get to the gym.

We had a low key morning. During nap time I ended up getting ready for our evening events.

After nap, we got a visit from Santa. Liam was not interested in getting too close to Santa (yes I made Liam cry by putting him to close…) but Owen had not problems chilling with Santa and falling asleep in his arms.


After Santa left we did some packing for the boys and then headed to my parents where Owen would have his first sleepover and both boys would have their first cousin sleepover at my parents.

My parents were overjoyed to have all their grandkids sleepover. They even made gingerbread houses. How fun!

My mom also took one of the cutest pictures ever of all the kids under the tree in their Christmas pajamas!


Joe and I spent the evening at his company Christmas party. It was our first real date night since Owen so although it was emotional to leave him it was really exciting to have time with Joe and other adults!


Joe’s company party is always so fancy. They have amazing appetizers and then a wonderful meal.

Of course the desserts are always so good too. We left shortly after dessert. We were both so tired!

Once we got home we were both more than ready for bed.


I was up pretty early and couldn’t fall back asleep. I got up and did my normal morning routine. Joe got up shortly after I did. We then headed to my parents to see the boys. The kids were up watching cartoons when we got there and soon after they were all playing.


Then Joe went home to start working on our basement. I stayed for our 3rd (or 4th?) annual cookie bake! My Grandma joined us and Libby too. We made a lot of cookies.

We had a pretty cute cookie bake supervisor.


The little ones helped when they could. Liam had a lot of fun putting sprinkles on the cookies. He empty out most of the shakers he touched!

We stayed for a little while after the cookie bake and rested before heading home. Liam wrote some letters to Santa too.

We were all happy to be home after the long weekend. Liam, Owen, and I all went to bed around the same time. Joe stayed up a little later to watch the Blackhawks hockey game.


The holiday season is so much fun! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the week!

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