Hockey, pizza, pictures, sleepover, cousins!

I say it all the time but again we had a wonderful weekend!


Joe took Liam outside for a little bit in the morning so when he came back in hot chocolate was a necessity…and coffee for me!

We had some morning tummy time with Owen. Liam loves doing tummy time with his little brother. So cute!

After nap we went to watch Gabby (Liam’s daycare friend) play hockey. He got to have a pretzel with cheese before the game. He loved watching Gabyy! And Owen did great at his first hockey game ever!

Liam was excited to see Gabby after the game and I would say she felt the same. How cute!


After the game we headed out to Ready Randy’s for dinner. The boys both did great while we were there and we of course had the delicious cheese curds!

Then it was home for movies and bedtime!


I had sweat circuit in the morning. Had a good group of ladies and a good workout for the weekend!


When I got home Joe took Liam to the store while me and Owen stayed home.

By the time they got home it was lunch time and then nap time.

After nap we played for a little while before going to Joe’s parents for pizza and pictures. They wanted some pictures of the kids for their Christmas card so we made an event of it.

The kids all did pretty good for their ages and attention span! We got some really great pictures.

After pictures Liam went to a sleepover at Aunt Erin and Uncle Joel’s house. His cousins were super excited to have him over. Looks like they watched movies and read some books before going bed.

I put Owen to bed when we got home and then we watched a little tv before going to bed too.


We got up with Owen and the house was super quiet without Liam. We did our regular morning routine and then went to pick up our oldest munchkin.


We got there and he told us how much fun he had. It was so cute. He said, “I waked up here.” Adorable! Also everyone had to have a turn holding Owen. He sure is loved!


We went home for play time. Joe and Liam then went to the store. When they got home it was lunch time and nap time. I even took a nap. This baby thing has me exhausted but filled with joy.

Owen is getting into a routine of sleeping for longer periods of time and being awake for longer periods of time. It is really nice. Owen took a long afternoon nap and so did Liam. They both must have been exhausted.

After nap my brother Sean and nephew Judah ended up coming over to play.


The boys were super cute reading in Liam’s bed.

They stayed for dinner, ice cream, and a movie before heading out. It was fun to hang out with them and it’s always so funny to watch Judah and Liam play together. Even if Liam had quite the attitude from being tired from his sleepover.

All in all we had a really fun weekend! Hope you have a wonderful week!


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