Birthdays, football, and Santa!

What a wonderful weekend we had!


I was home with the boys. Owen was in a great mood (always) and gave me some cute smiles.


When Joe got home he took Liam to the woods with him to check the trail cams. Liam had a blast of course!


Joe decided we should go out for a birthday dinner with my parents to celebrate my birthday and my mom’s birthday. We headed to Hudson to Pier 500. It was a fun impromptu celebration.

Then it was home to get the boys to bed and relax!


I had sweat circuit in the morning while Joe hung with the boys. It was a super tough circuit! I love being back at the gym and pushing myself and these ladies to work hard and sweat!


Once I got home it was time to get in our Badger gear! Badger game day means easy clothes choices for the day…haha!! Owen and I both geared up and were ready to go!

After nap Owen had a little accident and we had to change his clothes. Good thing he doesn’t have a shortage of Badger gear!

Then it was time to head to my brother and sister-in-laws birthday party. Owen fell asleep in his car seat right away. Look how adorable he is clinging onto his little monkey!


He turned 30 and she turned 40 so they had a milestone birthday party. It was super fun to hang out and let Liam run around with the kids.


Liam enjoyed the frosting on his cupcake. No hands required!

My grandma soaked up some snuggles from her great grandbabies.

It was a fun event with great food and cake! So happy to be able to celebrate Sean and Libby!

Then we made our way home to watch a little of the Badger game with the boys before putting them to bed. Joe and I stayed up to watch the game and what a sad ending it was! It was fun to watch and such a close game! So proud of the Badgers!


We had a relaxing morning just hanging out together before heading to see Santa. Liam seemed excited to go see Santa but I knew he would be nervous once we got there.

We had booked a session with a photography with Santa so we didn’t have to wait in line and it allowed Liam some warm up time. It was really nice and stress free. Liam warmed up a little but didn’t really like sitting on his lap.

After Santa we stayed for breakfast and then went home.

Sundays are made for naps….we all napped in the afternoon.

Joe then went out hunting while me and the boys spent the afternoon together. Joe got home and told us he got a doe. Liam was excited. After dinner Joe took Liam out to go find the doe and bring it in. Owen enjoyed some alone time with mama!


Once everyone was home we all settled down with a movie before bed time.

Another great weekend with family! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!


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