Owen is 3 months old!

Owen continues to grow and learn every day and it is so amazing to watch him. He is the happiest and most content baby!


Owen had his 2 month dr appt a week late. He ended up weighing 12lbs 5oz (34%) and his length 24.5 inches (91%). He is long and skinny! His head circumference measured at 40.5 cm (77%).

He seems so tall to me, which I now know is because he is. He might be a tall boy!

I have continued breastfeeding Owen. He does really well with this and I am very thankful! He has now transitioned to eating every 3-4 hours during the day. He goes longer stretches at night which is super nice for me.

Owen decided to kick off this last month by sleeping through the night twice! (YAY!). It was hit or miss on him making it through the night for the first 2 weeks of this month but now for about 2+ weeks he has slept through the night (about 8pm until around 6am). He is so amazing and I am so thankful for a good sleeper especially now that I am back at work.

He transitioned to sleeping in his room during this past month. There were no changes good or bad with this move so he has continued to stay in his room. We are working on a transition to his crib since he sleeps in his rock and play at night and typically in his swing during the day BUT what is working right now is much easier than dealing with 10 minute naps! So we are taking it one day at a time.

Owen smiles and coos a lot now. He is super responsive to social interaction and it is beyond adorable. He loves being talked to and will “talk back.” He loves any and all attention but especially attention from mama. He also loves when Liam tells him stories.

Rarely does Owen cry. When he does it is just a soft cry when he is getting tired, is hungry, or needs his diaper changed.

He loves kicking his feet and moving his arms. He loves being upright. He is getting better at holding his head up too. We try to practice tummy time when we can and Owen does really good with this. He has rolled over now many times.


He is beginning to be able to “play” with toys. He kicks the toys dangling from his activity mat. He also can bring toys to his mouth if they are placed in his arms however he doesn’t hold on to things yet.

This past month we have struggled with cradle cap, dry skin, and now his first cold!


  • Mom/Dad/Liam
  • Being rocked
  • Mama milk
  • His pink chair (Liam loved this too)
  • Being held upright
  • lights/shadows
  • wubbanub
  • being naked -used to hate it now he loves it
  • bath time (in the big tub) -he used to dislike bath time but now that I learned he likes the freedom of a big tub he loves it (but does not make it an easy task)!


  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk

Holiday weekend

Well we had a super busy fun weekend!


I had my second day of work and then hustled home to see the boys.

I quick got ready and then Owen and I went to a Christmas party with my best friends.

It was our 11th annual ugly sweater Christmas party.

We do an ornament exchange with a fun game.


I had a super cute ornament made with all our names on it. It’s so fun!

Then it was home to get Owen ready for bed.

I was exhausted and went to bed shortly after.


We all lounged in the morning before I went to sweat circuit.

I did circuit and Chirstmas Zumba combo and it was sweaty! It was great!


Owen was happy to see me after class. Owen got a bath and then was dressed in his packer hat that was my younger brothers when he was a baby.

I had to run to the store quick after I showered which was a huge mistake. It was so busy! I had just a few groceries to grab so it wasn’t all that terrible but there were tons of people out and about.

Liam is so sweet to his brother. He was telling him stories and Owen was giving him big smiles.


Then I was feeling chilly so Liam and I enjoyed some hot chocolate…although he just ate the mini marshmallows (smart kid haha!).


We were invited to enjoy snacks and the Packer/Viking game at Joe’s cousin Natalie’s house. We said we would stop over for a little while but since it was a late game we had to get home and get the kids to bed.


Liam had fun with his cousins in the bounce house and enjoyed testing out some workout equipment.

When we got home Owen was so smiley. Liam was super tired and went right to bed.

Joe and I spent the evening wrapping gifts and watching some of the football game.


Christmas Eve!…post to come including our Christmas celebrations!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Back to work

Well that maternity leave flew by! I go back to work tomorrow and let me tell you, my emotions are crazy!

I’m excited, nervous, happy, sad, anxious, worried, and more. I am truly looking forward to returning to work and getting some routine and structure back in my life. I know Liam feels the same way. However I am going to miss my time with Liam and Owen.

I feel like Owen is just so little still and I don’t feel ready for him to go to daycare even though I know he will do great and I have the best daycare provider. I find myself wishing for just a few more weeks to increase his stability and allow me just a little more time to watch him grow.

I returned to work part time with Liam but this time I am going back full time and I’m super excited about it but also terribly sad. Just writing this has me tearing up. I know it’s going to be hard and will take time to adjust and eventually it will be okay although I know I will always miss my babies.

Owen has been the happiest and easiest baby this maternity leave which makes it even harder to be away from home. His snuggles, smiles, and love all day long are going to be missed.

I’m also breastfeeding which has been amazing but will be a constant reminder while I’m at work that I’m not with my baby.

Now although I’m very sad and going to miss my boys, going back to work full time is a choice I have made for me and my family. I enjoy my job, I worked hard to get my job, and it is very rewarding. I truly am looking forward to going back to work but that doesn’t make it easier to be away.

I’m very thankful that I am returning for a 2 day week rather than starting with a full week. I feel it will make my transition to work a little easier.

I know I’m not the only one who has felt this way and I’m thankful for those who are encouraging me during this time. I’m lucky to have family and friends who are so supportive and understanding of this emotional rollercoaster.

Please wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts as I return to work…it will feel like a really long day I’m sure.

Making new traditions

Christmas has always been a favorite time of the year for me. Starting with a wonderful, family-filled Thanksgiving to all the hype and excitement leading up to Santa coming. This year however the holiday season seems so much more magical and exciting.

I know Liam is one of the main reasons I’m so excited and in the holiday spirit this year. He is starting to understand and learn more and I’m so excited for him to see what Santa brought him!

With all this holiday spirit and with our new and growing family we are making new holiday traditions. We seem to add something new every year and I am excited to see what all our traditions will end up being.

For thanksgiving Liam and I watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in the morning. Owen “watched” too and so did Joe when he got home from hunting.


We went and got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We always get a real tree. We go out, cut it down, and put it up in the house. Liam thought it was so neat bringing a tree into the house. We have to enjoy a cup of apple cider and a candy cane too.

We also went to a new tradition in our town called Hometown Holidays. This included a parade, s’mores, hot chocolate, and fireworks! It was a lot of fun and we plan to go every year.

We have gone to visit Santa every year since Liam has been born. We are trying to find a Santa that we visit every year but so far we have gone to a different Santa every year. (Any suggestions on the best Santa??)


Now just last week we went for a drive to see some of the pretty Christmas lights in town. Liam kept saying “I’m so excited” as we talked about going after dinner. He loved all the lights (and so did Mom haha).


We had our 3rd (or 4th?) annual cookie bake at my moms. So many cookies were made and enjoyed throughout the day.

My parents also had their first annual cousin sleepover with Christmas jammies and all!


I am planning to make some Santa pancakes Christmas morning once we all wake up and open our stockings. We will probably open presents too and then eat breakfast. Liam will be too excited to wait I’m sure.

It is so fun continuing with family traditions and discovering new traditions. What are some of your family traditions during the holiday season? 


Holiday party and Christmas cookie bake

We had a super busy weekend filled with tons of holiday cheer!


Grandpa Bow (Joe’s dad) brought a fox over in the morning. Liam was thrilled to see it. It was super mellow too. It didn’t take off like I thought it would. So cool to watch.

Liam, Owen, and I then headed to Stillwater for a play date at Kid’s Oasis. It is the cutest play place with so many toys! Liam had a ton of fun being a cashier, a cook, a fire fighter, and so much more!

We met my friend Ayla there and her 3 girls Kenna, Emmy, and Jovie. It was a lot of fun.

When we got home it was Liam’s nap time and snuggle time for mom and Owen.

After nap we all hung out for a while and played. We had dinner and then I had to run to the store for a few things. I took Liam with and he picked out some new Paw Patrol jammies.

After both boys were down I made some mint chocolate and chocolate/peanut butter protein treats. So yummy!


Then it was bed time!


Like always, I started my morning off with sweat circuit. I had to take it really easy because my knees have been bugging me, but it’s always great to get to the gym.

We had a low key morning. During nap time I ended up getting ready for our evening events.

After nap, we got a visit from Santa. Liam was not interested in getting too close to Santa (yes I made Liam cry by putting him to close…) but Owen had not problems chilling with Santa and falling asleep in his arms.


After Santa left we did some packing for the boys and then headed to my parents where Owen would have his first sleepover and both boys would have their first cousin sleepover at my parents.

My parents were overjoyed to have all their grandkids sleepover. They even made gingerbread houses. How fun!

My mom also took one of the cutest pictures ever of all the kids under the tree in their Christmas pajamas!


Joe and I spent the evening at his company Christmas party. It was our first real date night since Owen so although it was emotional to leave him it was really exciting to have time with Joe and other adults!


Joe’s company party is always so fancy. They have amazing appetizers and then a wonderful meal.

Of course the desserts are always so good too. We left shortly after dessert. We were both so tired!

Once we got home we were both more than ready for bed.


I was up pretty early and couldn’t fall back asleep. I got up and did my normal morning routine. Joe got up shortly after I did. We then headed to my parents to see the boys. The kids were up watching cartoons when we got there and soon after they were all playing.


Then Joe went home to start working on our basement. I stayed for our 3rd (or 4th?) annual cookie bake! My Grandma joined us and Libby too. We made a lot of cookies.

We had a pretty cute cookie bake supervisor.


The little ones helped when they could. Liam had a lot of fun putting sprinkles on the cookies. He empty out most of the shakers he touched!

We stayed for a little while after the cookie bake and rested before heading home. Liam wrote some letters to Santa too.

We were all happy to be home after the long weekend. Liam, Owen, and I all went to bed around the same time. Joe stayed up a little later to watch the Blackhawks hockey game.


The holiday season is so much fun! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoy the week!

Hockey, pizza, pictures, sleepover, cousins!

I say it all the time but again we had a wonderful weekend!


Joe took Liam outside for a little bit in the morning so when he came back in hot chocolate was a necessity…and coffee for me!

We had some morning tummy time with Owen. Liam loves doing tummy time with his little brother. So cute!

After nap we went to watch Gabby (Liam’s daycare friend) play hockey. He got to have a pretzel with cheese before the game. He loved watching Gabyy! And Owen did great at his first hockey game ever!

Liam was excited to see Gabby after the game and I would say she felt the same. How cute!


After the game we headed out to Ready Randy’s for dinner. The boys both did great while we were there and we of course had the delicious cheese curds!

Then it was home for movies and bedtime!


I had sweat circuit in the morning. Had a good group of ladies and a good workout for the weekend!


When I got home Joe took Liam to the store while me and Owen stayed home.

By the time they got home it was lunch time and then nap time.

After nap we played for a little while before going to Joe’s parents for pizza and pictures. They wanted some pictures of the kids for their Christmas card so we made an event of it.

The kids all did pretty good for their ages and attention span! We got some really great pictures.

After pictures Liam went to a sleepover at Aunt Erin and Uncle Joel’s house. His cousins were super excited to have him over. Looks like they watched movies and read some books before going bed.

I put Owen to bed when we got home and then we watched a little tv before going to bed too.


We got up with Owen and the house was super quiet without Liam. We did our regular morning routine and then went to pick up our oldest munchkin.


We got there and he told us how much fun he had. It was so cute. He said, “I waked up here.” Adorable! Also everyone had to have a turn holding Owen. He sure is loved!


We went home for play time. Joe and Liam then went to the store. When they got home it was lunch time and nap time. I even took a nap. This baby thing has me exhausted but filled with joy.

Owen is getting into a routine of sleeping for longer periods of time and being awake for longer periods of time. It is really nice. Owen took a long afternoon nap and so did Liam. They both must have been exhausted.

After nap my brother Sean and nephew Judah ended up coming over to play.


The boys were super cute reading in Liam’s bed.

They stayed for dinner, ice cream, and a movie before heading out. It was fun to hang out with them and it’s always so funny to watch Judah and Liam play together. Even if Liam had quite the attitude from being tired from his sleepover.

All in all we had a really fun weekend! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Birthdays, football, and Santa!

What a wonderful weekend we had!


I was home with the boys. Owen was in a great mood (always) and gave me some cute smiles.


When Joe got home he took Liam to the woods with him to check the trail cams. Liam had a blast of course!


Joe decided we should go out for a birthday dinner with my parents to celebrate my birthday and my mom’s birthday. We headed to Hudson to Pier 500. It was a fun impromptu celebration.

Then it was home to get the boys to bed and relax!


I had sweat circuit in the morning while Joe hung with the boys. It was a super tough circuit! I love being back at the gym and pushing myself and these ladies to work hard and sweat!


Once I got home it was time to get in our Badger gear! Badger game day means easy clothes choices for the day…haha!! Owen and I both geared up and were ready to go!

After nap Owen had a little accident and we had to change his clothes. Good thing he doesn’t have a shortage of Badger gear!

Then it was time to head to my brother and sister-in-laws birthday party. Owen fell asleep in his car seat right away. Look how adorable he is clinging onto his little monkey!


He turned 30 and she turned 40 so they had a milestone birthday party. It was super fun to hang out and let Liam run around with the kids.


Liam enjoyed the frosting on his cupcake. No hands required!

My grandma soaked up some snuggles from her great grandbabies.

It was a fun event with great food and cake! So happy to be able to celebrate Sean and Libby!

Then we made our way home to watch a little of the Badger game with the boys before putting them to bed. Joe and I stayed up to watch the game and what a sad ending it was! It was fun to watch and such a close game! So proud of the Badgers!


We had a relaxing morning just hanging out together before heading to see Santa. Liam seemed excited to go see Santa but I knew he would be nervous once we got there.

We had booked a session with a photography with Santa so we didn’t have to wait in line and it allowed Liam some warm up time. It was really nice and stress free. Liam warmed up a little but didn’t really like sitting on his lap.

After Santa we stayed for breakfast and then went home.

Sundays are made for naps….we all napped in the afternoon.

Joe then went out hunting while me and the boys spent the afternoon together. Joe got home and told us he got a doe. Liam was excited. After dinner Joe took Liam out to go find the doe and bring it in. Owen enjoyed some alone time with mama!


Once everyone was home we all settled down with a movie before bed time.

Another great weekend with family! Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!