Owen is 2 months old!

Time is flying and I wish I could slow it down! Owen is 2 months and he is doing wonderful! He is a really good baby and I am so grateful! He is mellow and hardly cries. I am so lucky.


Owen’s doctor appt isn’t until next week but I did some measuring of my own. I know it’s not super accurate but it is something! So on our personal scale Owen weighs 12.4 lbs now! And when I measured him I measured 23.5 inches! He is definitely growing. I’m curious what they measure at his appt next week.



I have continued breastfeeding Owen. He does really well with this and I am very thankful! He typically eats every 2-3 hours during the day still. Some days he will have one long stretch but he pretty regularly eats every 2 to 3 hours max. He goes longer stretches at night.

Owen has been a great sleeper from day 1. He usually gets up once a night around 3 am and then sleeps until around 6-7am. Then we are up for the day. His naps have been whenever he feels like it but generally he takes 1-2 hour naps about 1 hour after eating.

Owen smiles and coos a lot now. He loves being talked to and will “talk back.” He loves any and all attention but especially attention from mama.


He loves kicking his feet and moving his arms. He loves being upright. He is getting better at holding his head up too. We try to practice tummy time when we can and Owen does really good with this.


  • Being rocked
  • Mama milk
  • His pink chair (Liam loved this too)
  • Being held upright
  • lights/shadows


  • Being naked
  • Being cold
  • Waiting for milk

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