Our long Thanksgiving weekend

The weekend after Thanksgiving is always a long one but also busy!


Owen and I went to coffee with Molly in the morning while Joe and Liam stayed home. It was buy one get one coffee at a local coffee shop! That’s my kind of Black Friday shopping.


I then went to the chiropractor because my neck was killing me and giving me really bad headaches. I was thankful to get in and it helped so much.

Then it was home for lunch and nap time.

After nap Joe and my dad went out hunting while me and the boys went to hang out with my mom.

We had a second thanksgiving dinner with the leftovers.

Then headed home to watch Trolls Holiday on TV. It was super cute!


I got up early and rushed the boys to my mom’s house. Joe and my dad were out hunting again. I had our Torch the Turkey 90 minute workout at Snap. It was a lot of fun and quite a few people came.

Then I went out to breakfast with some of the besties for Katrina’s birthday.

Then it was off to my parent’s to get the boys and then home. We all ended up taking afternoon naps.

After nap we headed to the Hubmer’s for a Badger/Gopher party.

We left a little early and finished the game at our house.

We spent the remainder of the evening relaxing.


We had a relaxing morning and just hung up and watched movies and played.

It was so nice outside so I took Liam out to play. We had fun running around. We even cleaned up the pumpkins and threw them in the field.

Then we had lunch and then nap. Joe headed out to the woods during nap time and I took a long nap.

After nap we decided to get our Christmas tree with my parents.

It’s always fun! We never waste any time and usually end up cutting down the first or second tree we see. Liam had fun being outside again.

He even got to enjoy some hot apple cider and a candy cane.


And of course we had to get our family picture in front of our tree!


When we got home there was a beautiful sunset. We again spent the rest of the evening relaxing and setting up the tree. Liam thinks it’s pretty neat there is a tree in our house now.

I hope everyone enjoyed the nice long weekend! 

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