Birthday celebration!

Tuesday the 28th was my birthday AND my mom’s birthday! Every year for several years now we have planned for a fun day together. This year with Owen being so little we let him tag along!


We decided this year to do a shopping day. I had to get a few things at Target so we started there. We got coffee and pumpkin bread. Yum!! I was able to get 20% off my whole purchase with a coupon I had as well as an additional 5% off with my RedCard. Score!

Then we headed to downtown Hudson to go to all the crafty stores and get lunch. The stores are so cute and the most adorable Christmas items. It was so fun bopping from store to store and just looking at all the cool stuff.


Then we went to the Smilin’ Moose for lunch. We got yummy macaroni and cheese bites for an appetizer. So good! My mom had Owen just grinning and cooing at her!


After lunch we went to a few more stores before heading home. I dropped mom off at her house and went to pick Liam up.

Once home we all spent some time together and then I was off to teach Zumba!

Joe made me a yummy fajita dinner and then we had a movie night with snuggles. Joe’s mom stopped by with a gift as well.

It was such a nice birthday. 29 is going to be a great year!

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