A weekend with my Little’s

This weekend was mostly just me and the boys while Joe was up north hunting for gun season opener.


We started our morning out relaxing and playing after Joe went to work. We haven’t played puzzles in a while so we brought all the puzzles to the middle of the living room and tried putting them together.

Then we went to the store to get a few things for dinner to bring to the Larson’s.


After the store it quickly became lunch time and then nap time for Liam. During nap I got ready for the day and got the crockpot all mixed up with some Tortellini pasta/soup.

Joe got home and then headed up north for the weekend to go hunting.

I got both boys dressed and ready to go after nap and then we headed to Wheeler to meet sweet baby girl Raelynn who was only 3 days old!


She is so cute and I am so happy for my bestie Breanna and her husband TJ.

It was a dark and foggy drive home. I drove very carefully. We saw some deer just as we were leaving her house and then also a big buck in the middle of my lane when we were almost home. We made it home safe. We ate our dinner at home, watched a movie, and headed to bed.


Saturday morning I had to teach sweat circuit so Joe’s cousins Grace and Madison came over to play with the boys. It was so nice of them to drive over early in the morning and Liam had fun!


Sweat circuit was killer, but was so good!


Then I got the boys all dressed in their camo for the day since it was hunting opener.


We watched the badger game. Liam napped.


After nap time we didn’t do much other than lounge and relax. We watch a lot of tv since dad was gone. Joe made us dinner before he left so we just had to heat it up. I am thankful for that!

Then it was off to bed for Liam, off to bed for Owen, and then off to bed for me!


Owen woke up before Liam did so I fed him and then Liam woke up so we all went in Liam’s room. Owen enjoyed hanging out in his big brother’s bed.

Liam and I had some morning snapchat fun…or has he calls them; “sillys.”

Joe ended up getting home around 10am and the boys and I couldn’t have been more excited. It was so nice to have him home and Liam was starting to show signs of really missing his dad.

Liam went down for nap and both Joe and I were exhausted. I ended up napping with Owen on my chest and Joe napped as well. We didn’t get the Packer game on tv so we weren’t able to watch it but it wasn’t a very good game.


After nap Owen enjoyed some tummy time while Joe took Liam out to the woods behind his sister’s house. They had a ton of fun.


I did some vacuuming while they were gone and Owen napped.

Then Joe’s parents stopped over to the see the boys. After they left we had pizza for dinner, put the boys to bed, and went to bed ourselves.

I had a great weekend with my boys but so glad to have Joe back home and back into our normal routine. We all missed him! Hope you had a great weekend and saw some deer if you were out hunting!

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