My current favorites!

Well being on maternity leave with a toddler and newborn has been quite interesting but has also allowed me to find some things I am really loving lately.

Blanqi postpartum/nursing leggings:

3BD4A136-EC58-477B-97CB-4E4E57F86443I invested in these while I was pregnant with Owen. I decided I wanted to splurge on a nice pair of leggings that would be great to wear after he was born. They did not disappoint! They are super soft making them great for lounging around the house but also perfect for on the go. The high waist with a little compression helps to secure your post baby belly AND makes nursing around others more comfortable because you do not need to expose your belly when lifting your shirt to nurse. I probably live in these leggings 5 out of 7 days of the week. I will say they are more for “at home” than public.

I also have the pull down postpartum/nursing support tank which I love. I have also been wearing this most days, especially the days we are home. It also works well as an under tank for out and about activities and allows for belly coverage when nursing in public. I do not have it but I also think I would really like the lift-up access underbust postpartum/nursing support tank.

Ok to Wake Clock
This clock has been a life saver! When we moved Liam to his big boy room and toddler bed he did really good staying in his bed initially. However, he eventually figured out how to get out of his bed and that he could do it on his own. This made for early mornings, challenging bed times, and middle of the night wake ups. We decided to try this clock. It’s quite simple; you set the time when it is ok for them to wake up and the clock turns green. Liam learned the rules of the clock very quickly and now he stays in his bed until the clock turns green and then yells for us to come get him.


Pumpkin Spice Protein Muffins
These muffins are so delicious and great for a grab and go snack. They are perfect for a quick snack since I am super busy at home with the two boys and I am also nursing which means I am constantly starving. I love these muffins and perfect for the fall weather too!

Music class at Gammy and Gumpys
I follow Gammy and Gumpys on facebook and just happened to see a post about a 6 week music class. I thought this sounded perfect for Liam while I am on maternity leave. We have gone 5 times now and it is so great to see Liam learning and interacting in the class. He tends to be really shy when we first get there but then warms up by the end of class. He sings so much more at home now so I would consider this class a total win! They will be doing another 6 week class in January if anyone is interested.


Vanilla Almond Milk Coffee Creamer

CDFF25A0-A199-4681-85D3-0DAF1C98B118Since having Owen I have returned to my 1 cup of coffee in the morning and it is glorious! Also, I try not to have too much dairy in a day so this almond milk creamer is perfect and tastes delicious!


SO DELICIOUS coconut milk yogurt alternative

I have only tried the raspberry but it was so good! It was a nice little afternoon treat and a great way for me to get those extra calories I need for nursing. I would recommend trying it especially if you love yogurt but don’t love all the dairy.

Okay honestly, it’s tough going from 1 to 2 kids and being able to entertain them both. I am super thankful for Netflix and the ability to pick a show for Liam to watch while I nurse or tend to Owen’s needs.



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