A weekend full of little ones

Another weekend in the books! We spent most of our weekend at home and enjoyed every minute of it!


Friday morning I agreed to help out at Liam’s daycare for a few hours. I don’t know how Kelly does it but watching all those kids is a lot of work! We had fun though and the kids are all so well behaved!

Then Liam, Owen and I headed home for lunch and nap time.

After nap Joe got home and we had a relaxing evening together. Owen got some tummy time while Liam read him Brown Bear Brown Bear. Seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen!

We had a movie night after that and then put the boys to bed.


Joe went off hunting early in the morning. I got the boys dressed and then let them lounge in my bed while I got ready to teach Sweat Circuit.

Since it was Badger game day I had to get a cute picture of the boys in their matching Badger gear. Go Bucky!!


Then I took the boys to their babysitter Brogan for a little over an hour while I taught class. Owen slept the whole time and Liam played. I am so glad it went well seeing it was Owen’s first time with a babysitter.


After class I picked up the boys and we went home. Shortly after we got home Joe came home too. We all had lunch and then it was nap time. While the boys napped Joe and I did some major cleaning around the house.

Then it was time for the football game.

After Liam got up from nap him and Joe headed to Aldi to get some ingredients for fajitas for dinner. They also picked up Marley’s sister Macy for a sleepover.

We had venison fajitas for dinner and they were delicious!

We had a lazy Saturday night and went to bed early.


Sunday mornings are made for cuddles and smiles.


Owen was giving some really good smiles. He smiles a lot now and is cooing so much. He is so fun to interact with.

Joe and Liam brought Macy home while I made breakfast; blueberry banana baked oatmeal. It was really good, easy, and pretty healthy as well! I want to try the apple cinnamon flavor and will likely try that at some point this week.


We did some last minute cleaning and then we had our realtors over to discuss a few things. We are talking about moving/selling so we had some things to discuss and we have lots of work to do on the house in the next few weeks.

After they left it was lunch time and then nap time. We did some reading with Owen. He really liked the black and white pictures.


After nap time we had some more play time. We are trying to get Owen on the floor more for play time but that has it’s challenges with a toddler around.

Then we had some visitors. Libby asked if we could watch the kids for a couple hours in the evening. She brought dinner and the kids had a blast!

Cousins make the best friends that is for sure!


After they went home it was close to bed time for Liam and Owen. Joe went to go see his friend’s buck he shot after Liam went to bed and I got Owen ready for bed.

We were all really tired and headed to bed early again.

We had a great weekend even if it was spent mostly at home. Sometimes those are the best weekends!

Hope you have a great week ahead! 




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