Play date, family time, dinner out, and an anniversary dinner

We had yet another fun and busy weekend. I would have never thought that with baby #2 we would be busier than ever! I remember with Liam things slowing down but with Owen we are on the go quite a bit!


We we lucky enough to have a play date with my friend Laura and her two girls Aria and Isla. We met at The Wishing Tree Cafe in White Bear Lake. It was so neat in there. I definitely plan to return.

There was a neat foam pit that Liam enjoyed playing in.

Liam had so much fun running around. He took off as soon as we got there and didn’t come to sit with me for about an hour. He was having so much fun.


Laura and I took turns soaking up cuddles from each of our babies.


Then it was time for lunch. The kids definitely worked up an appetite. They have kid friendly meal options at the cafe. It was perfect for Liam.


Then it was time to hurry home for nap. Liam did stay awake during the drive which surprised me. He ended up taking a solid 3 hour nap once we did get home. He definitely played hard.

After nap we headed to my parent’s house for dinner and Liam was staying for a sleepover.

It ended up snowing Friday evening and it was so pretty. The picture doesn’t show much because it was dark out but it was a really beautiful snowy night.


Joe and I watched a movie after Owen went down for bed and then went to bed ourselves.


Liam was at my parent’s house, Joe went out hunting, and Owen decided to sleep in on a morning I had to get up and get ready for Sweat Circuit. I quick woke him, fed him, and then dropped him off with my mom. Then I went and kicked butt at Sweat Circuit. It was my first real, sweaty workout since Owen and it felt great although it was super tough.


Then I went to my parent’s to pick up the boys. Liam had a lot of fun playing with Grandma and Blake.

I had a fun little photo shoot with Owen. He is beginning to show so many different expressions. So cute!


Liam insisted on holding his little brother, that was also so cute!

We decided to go out for dinner with Joe’s parents at Ready Randys. It was really nice because Liam was able to run around rather than be stuck at the table. We also got to meet baby Olivia. Adorable!


Then it was home to put on pajamas and watch a little bit of the Blackhawks hockey game. Liam decided to put on my heels and walk around. Such a goofball.

It was daylight savings but I did not want to stay up too late. I went to bed pretty early and ended up getting a lot of rest. We kept Liam up a little later in the hopes that would help him…and it did a little. Owen had a great night of sleep as well. I am thankful this years daylight savings didn’t impact our routine much.


Joe went out hunting again in the morning so it was me and the boys. We had a really good morning of play time and brother bonding. Liam just loves Owen. Now that Owen is starting to coo and smile Liam feels like he is interacting with him and loves it!

When Joe got home he wanted to go to breakfast so we went out to eat. We came home for a little more play time and then it was nap time.


After nap we headed to my parent’s house for their 30th Anniversary dinner. We had tacos and they were super good.


The whole family was there and it was fun to hang out and watch the kids play.

We had brownies for dessert and Liam made sure he was up close on the action. He sure has gotten quite the sweet tooth.

It was a super fun evening and we were all exhausted by the time we got home.

It was off to bed early again for me.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead!



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