Halloween 2017

We had a very cold but very fun Halloween this year!

We started our day off with Judah coming over to play for the day. The boys had me laughing all day long and were so well behaved. It was so much fun watching them play and communicate with one another.


After Judah left the boys got ready and dressed for Halloween. My little Fireman and Puppy are so cute!

Our first stop was at Liam’s daycare since it was on our way into town. They were excited to see him and he was excited to say “trick or treat!” Then we went to my grandparents house to visit for a while.

While we were there some more of Liam’s cousins came too. Always good to get the kids together. So cute!

Then we were off to the Rowden’s for a Halloween party. There was pizza and other snacks and then after eating all the kids went out trick or treating. Joe took Liam to a few houses while I nursed Owen.

We even had Maui and Moana visit (Uncle Patrick and Kat)! So funny!


When they got back from getting candy we were off to my parent’s house.


Liam was excited to show Uncle Blake his costume and of course to get more candy and treats.

We had one more stop on the way home. We stopped at the Greer’s to see Pam and “Fire fighter” Frank.


Then it was finally home time and unwind time. Liam was all buzzed up on sugar but was also exhausted and went to bed pretty easily.


We were all tired after a fun day!

Happy Halloween all! Or as Liam says “Happy Birthday-Ween!” I hope you all had a great day and get to steal some of your kids’ candy! 🙂



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