A fun filled fall weekend with a lazy Sunday

We had a really fun weekend with so many different people!


I spent the day home with the boys but after nap we headed to Teddy Bear Park in Stillwater to meet my mom. Liam was quite reserved when we got there and spent some time checking everything out.

Eventually he warmed up and loved it! He went down all the different slides and ran all over the place.

After the park we headed to Country Sun Farms to see the animals and the pumpkins. We met Joe’s aunt Susan and cousin Grace there. Liam wouldn’t get too close to the animals but enjoyed watching Grace feed them. He also enjoyed getting the corn from the machines….probably his favorite part haha!

We went inside to check out the pumpkins and Liam was able to go on a little tractor ride and a small merry-go-round. He definitely enjoyed that too.

Then aunt Susan decided to spoil him a little bit more with some mini donuts. He loved them of course! I mean….who doesn’t love mini donuts?!?


We checked out some of the tractors outside before calling it a day.


We hustled to my parent’s house where we ordered pizza and hung out for the evening.


I went back to sweat circuit for the first time since having Owen. I just taught for the most part. I did work out a little but not too much. I am still trying to take it easy and let my body heal before getting back to full on exercise mode again.


Badger game day! So of course we all dressed to impress in our Bucky gear.

We had some visitors in the morning. The Greers came to meet Owen and see Liam of course! They were so nice and brought coffee and gifts for both the boys.

Joe’s brother Patrick and girlfriend Kat came over to meet Owen after the Greers left. They watched some of the game with us and hung out for a while.

By the afternoon we were all feeling a little under the weather. I had a stuffy nose, Joe had a cough and didn’t feel well, and Liam had a cough. We decided to have a relaxing evening at home and just rest.



I felt much better Sunday morning besides being super tired from a rough night with Owen. Joe and Liam still had their coughs but seemed to be doing okay too.

We found out we didn’t get the Packer game at our house so Joe headed to his parent’s to watch the game while I stayed home with the boys for Liam’s nap time. After nap we went there too but the game had just ended. Joe made elk sloppy joe sliders so we had an early dinner there and then headed back home.


We spent the remainder of the evening relaxing and hanging out again. I was super tired so I called it a night pretty early.

Hope your week is off to a great start and hope you were able to enjoy some of the nice weather we had over the weekend!



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