Family, friends, and football

Well I missed last weekends post but for good reason…we had our second little baby last week (birth story to come) and we were busy with family and adjusting to our life with 2 boys!

We had a great weekend this weekend though!


During the day my cousin Kara stopped by with her nieces Etta and Miki. Liam loved the cousin time and having some friends to play with. This filled most of our morning which I was thankful for since it was my first day flying solo with the 2 boys.


After they left it was lunch time and then nap time.

After nap Joe was home and took Liam to Farm and Home to look at the animals. While they were gone I gave Owen his first bath at home. He enjoyed some of it and didn’t like other parts. He just really hates being cold so I did my best to keep him warm.


Once Joe and Liam got home it was about dinner time. Joe wanted to go out for dinner so we went to the Old Saloon since our friend Molly was working there. We had dinner and then headed home to start winding down for the evening.


Joe wanted to shampoo/clean the carpet in the living room so Liam, Owen and I headed to my parent’s house in the morning. Liam was happy to see his “bumpa” and play with grandma’s toys. We had some visitors there as too. My aunt and uncle stopped by to see Owen and brought Etta and Miki with them. The kids had fun playing together again.

Once they left Liam went down for nap and we watched a movie. Once the movie was over Liam woke up and we had another visitor, my cousin Mitchell, to see Owen.

Then we went home finally. The carpet was a little wet still but not terrible. We decided to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I was finally feeling up for a walk so we took a short walk outside. It felt great to be outside and moving again.

When we got home from our walk Liam wanted to play outside more. So Liam, Owen, and I stayed outside while Joe went inside to make dinner.

After dinner our friend Breanna stopped by to meet Owen. She was super thoughtful and brought a gift and dinner. So nice!

She left and then Liam went to bed and we watched some of the Badger football game. Then it was off to bed for me. I’ve been trying to get as much rest as possible whenever I can….which usually means early bed time.


Sunday started off with everyone sleeping until 7am. It was amazing! For some this is still early but for us this is sleeping in!

We spent our morning relaxing and playing. Then we had more visitors to meet Owen, our friends Cole and Maggie. They stayed and visited for a while which was nice!

Then it was nap time for Liam and Owen. We watched a movie during nap and relaxed ourselves.

After nap time it was Packer football time. The boys looked so cute in their matching jerseys.


During half time we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and take a short walk.


Then we finished the game, had dinner, and had a movie night.

We had a really wonderful weekend and are slowly adjusting to life with 2 kiddos. It will be quite the adventure but I am looking forward to it!


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