A nice weekend at home

We had a really great weekend, It was super hot outside so we were able to spend some time playing outside and soaking up some final summer days.


Joe and I both worked Friday. When we got home we just had a relaxing evening as a family.


Joe got an early workout in and I taught sweat circuit in the morning.


We spent part of our morning playing outside before it got too hot. Liam enjoyed playing with all his outside toys.

Then at nap time my mom and I headed to get pre-baby manicures and pedicures. It was much needed for me and fun to spend time with my mom. The guy who did my nails posed my hands and took pictures haha!

Liam woke up in a great mood. He is such a happy boy!

Then we were off to celebrate our nephew Judah’s 3rd birthday. It’s always fun getting Liam and Judah together. Judah loved all his presents and was so excited.

Liam and I enjoyed the yummy ice cream cake.

Then it was home and bed time for all.


Lazy Sundays are the best and for the most part it was a lazy day. Liam took my phone in the morning and snapped a fun picture of me.

I was able to do a lot of cleaning while Joe took Liam to the store. Then I did some more cleaning during Liam’s nap. Liam helped Joe hang up his big buck. It was so cute he grabbed his tools and copied Joe.

The Packer game was at 3:25 so we invited my parents and brother Blake over to watch the game and have dinner with us.


Liam loves his Uncle Blake! They had fun playing and running around.

After the game everyone left and I was tired. It was another early night for me.

We are anxiously waiting for baby but we had a great weekend with family and getting a few things done around the house! I hope you enjoy your week!


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