Finally a weekend at home

Well the weekend was pretty uneventful which was nice after all our super busy summer weekends.


I had a dental appointment for a routine cleaning in the morning so Liam went to daycare for about an hour while I did that. Then he and I went to the store to get some fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks.

Aside from that we really didn’t do much all day. Liam was feeling a little under the weather still so it was good to have him home and allow him to get some rest.

In the evening I decided to make some protein balls for more snacking options. They are pumpkin spice protein balls and they are delicious!


We had a relaxing and uneventful evening. 


Joe was off to work on the heater at the cabin so it was just me and Liam. I brought Liam to my parent’s house for the morning because I had my Saturday morning sweat circuit. I have to modify a lot but it works still. Always feels good to get a little sweat on!


I picked Liam up and we headed home. I got him dressed in his Badger gear because the Badger football game was at 2:30.


I decided last minute to go check out this garage sale with Liam. I ended up getting a wooden rocking chair for in the toy room we have (which will be so nice for baby and me while watching Liam play) and Liam found a vacuum he wanted. I wish it really worked because he cleaned the whole house….even under the tables!

We didn’t do anything crazy in the afternoon and I was starting to feel a little sick so we all relaxed. We did make a grocery store run to get some ingredients for chili we were going to make Sunday.

After dinner Liam gave me some really great snuggles. He has become quite the love bug lately.


We had an uneventful evening again which was okay by me.


We all got dressed in our Packer gear to cheer on our favorite team! This will probably be our Sunday apparel moving forward haha!


I was really not feeling well but had to go to the store to get a few more things we needed for meals for the week. I also got myself some tea in the hopes it would help me get better faster.


Liam has been really interested in snuggling his puppy lately and I got some cute pictures. He is so funny.

During nap time I prepped the chili and got it cooking for dinner time. The weather was nice and cool so it was the perfect day!


Liam has been very interested in the baby in my tummy lately. He likes to feel it move (sometimes I just flex my stomach to make him think it’s the baby because his patience is limited haha). He also hates when he is trying to snuggle me and baby kicks him. He decided to use my belly as a chair and it was so cute!


Joe headed out hunting so me and Liam were solo for chili however we both loved it! So good and the perfect cool evening meal.

After dinner we had movie night. I have been having Braxton hicks for a while but had some this evening and it got me just so ready to have this baby. Anxiously waiting! Liam gave some more great snuggles. He pulled my head into his. So dang cute!

 After putting Liam down I did some clean up in the kitchen and turned the Packer game on. It was a late game and since I wasn’t feeling well, and I’m pregnant and tired all the time, I called it a night at half time.

Overall we had a great weekend. Aside from being ill of course. It was nice to have a weekend at home for sure.

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