A birthday and 3 weddings!

We had a very busy weekend!


Liam’s 2nd birthday! Joe and I both stayed home from work to spend the day with our little man. He woke up to a bunch of balloons in his room and was super excited about it.

After he was awake for a little while we decided he could open his present from us….a new bow and arrow “just like dad’s.” He couldn’t wait to go outside and shoot it. Of course, he was a natural at it.

We then had some lunch and dessert. We sang happy birthday to Liam and let him have his birthday cupcake.

After nap Liam was off to my parent’s for a sleepover while Joe and I went to his cousin Natalie’s wedding. More on the wedding in a separate post!

After the wedding we headed home and got some much needed rest!


Joe and I slept in and then headed to the gym to get our workout on. I ran sweat circuit class and Joe did his own thing. It was fun to be there at the same time since we never are!


Then we went to “visit” Liam. We had another busy day ahead with 2 more weddings but wanted to see our little guy. He was excited to see us.

Then it was back home to do some “nesting” and prepping. I got the baby room all cleaned up and ready for baby’s arrival. It felt really good to get that done and organized.

Then I hustled to get ready and it was off to our weddings for the day.

The first wedding we went to was on of my friends Jenna. She looked stunning! The golf course they got married at was so pretty and she looks so happy. I am so happy for her and wish her and her husband Matt all the best.

The next wedding we went to is a family friend of Joe’s family. We went to the reception which was decorated so nice. The bride and groom looked so happy too. Congratulations to Nate and Jess!

We hustled to pick up Liam before his bedtime. We didn’t want to spend another night away from him. We like him too much haha!

We were all exhausted after a busy day and went to bed early.


I woke up just exhausted. I didn’t sleep well and was so tired when Liam got up. I ended up taking a little nap on the couch right away in the morning. Then I took Liam to the store to get some helium balloons for his birthday party. He picked out the colors he wanted.


After lunch I needed a nap with Liam. I was so tired still. So when he went down so did I for a little bit. Then I showered and got ready for his party and put on some Packer gear for the Packer game.


When Liam woke up his Bumpa Hailey came over to drop off his present for us to bring to the party. He stayed a little while to watch some of the game and Liam gave him some great snuggles.


Then it was off to Sawmill Pizza and Brew for Liam’s birthday party! We just wanted something casual since we had a busy weekend but also something special for Liam and I think we got both.

Liam had all his family there and his friend Keaton and his parents. It was perfect! The pizza was pretty great too!

Liam was so excited when everyone sang “happy birthday” to him. His face says it all.

And he of course enjoyed another cupcake!


He also had fun opening his presents. After each one he went up to the person the gift was from and gave them a hug and said thank you. It was adorable!

We were able to get some really good pictures of all the kids.

Such a special picture of Liam with my grandparents.


We are so thankful to those who came to celebrate Liam with us. He means so much to us and we are so appreciative of our family and friends who love him too!

We had a really great but busy weekend! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! Wedding season is now over for us so we are looking forward to some weekends at home! Have a great week!

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