A nice weekend at home

We had a really great weekend, It was super hot outside so we were able to spend some time playing outside and soaking up some final summer days.


Joe and I both worked Friday. When we got home we just had a relaxing evening as a family.


Joe got an early workout in and I taught sweat circuit in the morning.


We spent part of our morning playing outside before it got too hot. Liam enjoyed playing with all his outside toys.

Then at nap time my mom and I headed to get pre-baby manicures and pedicures. It was much needed for me and fun to spend time with my mom. The guy who did my nails posed my hands and took pictures haha!

Liam woke up in a great mood. He is such a happy boy!

Then we were off to celebrate our nephew Judah’s 3rd birthday. It’s always fun getting Liam and Judah together. Judah loved all his presents and was so excited.

Liam and I enjoyed the yummy ice cream cake.

Then it was home and bed time for all.


Lazy Sundays are the best and for the most part it was a lazy day. Liam took my phone in the morning and snapped a fun picture of me.

I was able to do a lot of cleaning while Joe took Liam to the store. Then I did some more cleaning during Liam’s nap. Liam helped Joe hang up his big buck. It was so cute he grabbed his tools and copied Joe.

The Packer game was at 3:25 so we invited my parents and brother Blake over to watch the game and have dinner with us.


Liam loves his Uncle Blake! They had fun playing and running around.

After the game everyone left and I was tired. It was another early night for me.

We are anxiously waiting for baby but we had a great weekend with family and getting a few things done around the house! I hope you enjoy your week!


The Spaeth Wedding

This post is a little overdue but I still wanted to share it! Joe’s cousin Natalie married her love Shane Spaeth on 9/8/17. It was a Friday wedding and was part of our 3 wedding weekend.

We had to go to the wedding early to participate in family pictures. There was a lot of downtime before pictures so we were able to take some of our own.

We took a family picture and then Joe and I took a nice picture together as well.

The ceremony was really nice. Natalie looked stunning walking down the aisle with her dad.

The pastor had a beautiful message. The ceremony was short, sweet, and sealed with a kiss.

The wedding party left on a party bus and the guests engaged in cocktail hour. I, of course, stuck with water. There were some delicious appetizers being served as well.

Then it was time for dinner. I forgot to take a picture of it but it was so good. I had chicken and Joe had steak. Then it was time for speeches and then dancing!


We stuck around for the first dances but I was pretty exhausted being super pregnant and ready to head home.

I wish Natalie and Shane all the best in their lives together and so much happiness!

Finally a weekend at home

Well the weekend was pretty uneventful which was nice after all our super busy summer weekends.


I had a dental appointment for a routine cleaning in the morning so Liam went to daycare for about an hour while I did that. Then he and I went to the store to get some fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks.

Aside from that we really didn’t do much all day. Liam was feeling a little under the weather still so it was good to have him home and allow him to get some rest.

In the evening I decided to make some protein balls for more snacking options. They are pumpkin spice protein balls and they are delicious!


We had a relaxing and uneventful evening. 


Joe was off to work on the heater at the cabin so it was just me and Liam. I brought Liam to my parent’s house for the morning because I had my Saturday morning sweat circuit. I have to modify a lot but it works still. Always feels good to get a little sweat on!


I picked Liam up and we headed home. I got him dressed in his Badger gear because the Badger football game was at 2:30.


I decided last minute to go check out this garage sale with Liam. I ended up getting a wooden rocking chair for in the toy room we have (which will be so nice for baby and me while watching Liam play) and Liam found a vacuum he wanted. I wish it really worked because he cleaned the whole house….even under the tables!

We didn’t do anything crazy in the afternoon and I was starting to feel a little sick so we all relaxed. We did make a grocery store run to get some ingredients for chili we were going to make Sunday.

After dinner Liam gave me some really great snuggles. He has become quite the love bug lately.


We had an uneventful evening again which was okay by me.


We all got dressed in our Packer gear to cheer on our favorite team! This will probably be our Sunday apparel moving forward haha!


I was really not feeling well but had to go to the store to get a few more things we needed for meals for the week. I also got myself some tea in the hopes it would help me get better faster.


Liam has been really interested in snuggling his puppy lately and I got some cute pictures. He is so funny.

During nap time I prepped the chili and got it cooking for dinner time. The weather was nice and cool so it was the perfect day!


Liam has been very interested in the baby in my tummy lately. He likes to feel it move (sometimes I just flex my stomach to make him think it’s the baby because his patience is limited haha). He also hates when he is trying to snuggle me and baby kicks him. He decided to use my belly as a chair and it was so cute!


Joe headed out hunting so me and Liam were solo for chili however we both loved it! So good and the perfect cool evening meal.

After dinner we had movie night. I have been having Braxton hicks for a while but had some this evening and it got me just so ready to have this baby. Anxiously waiting! Liam gave some more great snuggles. He pulled my head into his. So dang cute!

 After putting Liam down I did some clean up in the kitchen and turned the Packer game on. It was a late game and since I wasn’t feeling well, and I’m pregnant and tired all the time, I called it a night at half time.

Overall we had a great weekend. Aside from being ill of course. It was nice to have a weekend at home for sure.

A birthday and 3 weddings!

We had a very busy weekend!


Liam’s 2nd birthday! Joe and I both stayed home from work to spend the day with our little man. He woke up to a bunch of balloons in his room and was super excited about it.

After he was awake for a little while we decided he could open his present from us….a new bow and arrow “just like dad’s.” He couldn’t wait to go outside and shoot it. Of course, he was a natural at it.

We then had some lunch and dessert. We sang happy birthday to Liam and let him have his birthday cupcake.

After nap Liam was off to my parent’s for a sleepover while Joe and I went to his cousin Natalie’s wedding. More on the wedding in a separate post!

After the wedding we headed home and got some much needed rest!


Joe and I slept in and then headed to the gym to get our workout on. I ran sweat circuit class and Joe did his own thing. It was fun to be there at the same time since we never are!


Then we went to “visit” Liam. We had another busy day ahead with 2 more weddings but wanted to see our little guy. He was excited to see us.

Then it was back home to do some “nesting” and prepping. I got the baby room all cleaned up and ready for baby’s arrival. It felt really good to get that done and organized.

Then I hustled to get ready and it was off to our weddings for the day.

The first wedding we went to was on of my friends Jenna. She looked stunning! The golf course they got married at was so pretty and she looks so happy. I am so happy for her and wish her and her husband Matt all the best.

The next wedding we went to is a family friend of Joe’s family. We went to the reception which was decorated so nice. The bride and groom looked so happy too. Congratulations to Nate and Jess!

We hustled to pick up Liam before his bedtime. We didn’t want to spend another night away from him. We like him too much haha!

We were all exhausted after a busy day and went to bed early.


I woke up just exhausted. I didn’t sleep well and was so tired when Liam got up. I ended up taking a little nap on the couch right away in the morning. Then I took Liam to the store to get some helium balloons for his birthday party. He picked out the colors he wanted.


After lunch I needed a nap with Liam. I was so tired still. So when he went down so did I for a little bit. Then I showered and got ready for his party and put on some Packer gear for the Packer game.


When Liam woke up his Bumpa Hailey came over to drop off his present for us to bring to the party. He stayed a little while to watch some of the game and Liam gave him some great snuggles.


Then it was off to Sawmill Pizza and Brew for Liam’s birthday party! We just wanted something casual since we had a busy weekend but also something special for Liam and I think we got both.

Liam had all his family there and his friend Keaton and his parents. It was perfect! The pizza was pretty great too!

Liam was so excited when everyone sang “happy birthday” to him. His face says it all.

And he of course enjoyed another cupcake!


He also had fun opening his presents. After each one he went up to the person the gift was from and gave them a hug and said thank you. It was adorable!

We were able to get some really good pictures of all the kids.

Such a special picture of Liam with my grandparents.


We are so thankful to those who came to celebrate Liam with us. He means so much to us and we are so appreciative of our family and friends who love him too!

We had a really great but busy weekend! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! Wedding season is now over for us so we are looking forward to some weekends at home! Have a great week!

Liam turns 2!

I can’t even believe my baby is 2 years old today! I have loved every minute of watching him grow and learn but I have a feeling year number 2 is going to be lots of fun.


Liam had his 2 year doctor appt on the 6th. He now weighs 26.4 lbs (45%) and is 34.25 inches tall (40%). He continues to grow and be a happy little guy. He hasn’t had any illnesses aside from a cold recently. Thankful for a healthy little man!

Liam did get his second haircut ever on the 6th as well. He was a wreck. He cried and cried and cried. Poor Annie did the best she could to give him a good haircut. Afterwards he acted like it went great though and told Joe his haircut was good. Toddlers! haha!


With the new baby coming we decided to move Liam to a new “big boy” room with a “big boy” bed. I was a little worried about this transition because I wasn’t sure he would stay in his bed but he did great! He loves his new room. His bedtime is around 7:30 pretty regularly now and he will sleep until about 6:30-7am normally. He still takes a 2-3 hour nap.


Liam is quite the talker. He says pretty much everything now. Some of his most recent common sayings are “help me” “I do that” “what’s that noise?” “what’s that?” He can sing happy birthday and likes to sing other songs as well. He is a good story teller too. He will say “big buck, my daddy shoot ’em, bow and arrow.” He will also say “Dr. Liz get the baby out” (we told him our midwife is Dr. Liz). Overall Liam is a talker!

Liam is a busy boy! He runs, climbs, and goes up and down stairs. He likes to spin and dance too. He likes to draw/scribble, build towers, throw a ball, play hockey, golf, and baseball, and has been “reading” books on his own.

Liam is typically a great eater. With his increasing independence he is becoming more selective of what he eats. Basically we give him his options and he chooses what he eats. He typically gets a main dish, veggie, and fruit at meal time and he will usually eat all of it but he has his days.

To be completely honest I haven’t checked his teeth in a long time (bad mom). So I have no clue how many he has at this point. I do know that we brush his teeth every night before bed and will be seeing the dentist hopefully in the next 6 months once Liam is a little less shy of strangers.

Liam is just bursting with personality now. Liam is a fun, loving, happy-go-lucky, silly, and stubborn little man. He is still extremely curious and asks questions all the time now. If I make a noise (because I am huge pregnant and this baby moves a lot) he will say “what mama?” Then I have to tell him what happened. He loves learning and catches onto things so quickly. He is definitely all boy but has a snuggly side to him every now and then too.

We decided to start potty training in June. Liam had expressed an interest since our trip to Oregon in April and we had been “casually” potty training since then with putting him on the toilet morning and night. He would go pee most times we set him on there. So in June we decided to make the transition to underwear and see how he does. He ended up learning really quickly how to use the potty. We had plenty of accidents and still do but overall Liam is doing really well! He doesn’t always tell us when he has to pee so we are still really diligent about putting him on the potty throughout the day. He has however started telling us when he needs to poop which is awesome! He does still wear a diaper at nap and bedtime.



  • being outside
  • Marley
  • Spending time with his dad (always)
  • Spending time with either of his grandpas
  • being around other kids
  • babies
  • sucking on his swaddle blanket
  • Netflix -Sing, Moana, and Trolls (on repeat…)
  • running all over the place
  • hiding
  • reading books
  • saying “no”
  • shooting bow and arrow
  • riding 4-wheeler


  • mom picking his nose or ears
  • being told “no”
  • sitting still
  • strangers
  • getting his hair cut
  • doctor checking his ears
  • waiting for his food when he is hungry
  • when its bedtime/nap time
  • carbonated drinks (sparkling water)
  • when mom and/or dad sing in the car
  • when mom and dad go to work




Labor Day weekend 2017

We had a great, fun, and relaxing weekend at Joe’s parent’s cabin. There was great food and even better company all weekend long. Joe’s parent’s had their friends (the Hubmers) and their kids up for the weekend as well. It was a weekend of laughs and memories for sure.


I was home for the day so I soaked up some Liam snuggles. He insisted on touching my bare belly to “feel” the baby. I am hopeful he is starting to understand a little more about the baby in my belly but I am not sure he really gets it. Either way it was cute!


Then of course Liam wanted to play hockey. He told me he was going “nigh-nigh” on his hockey stick. What a goof-ball!


Then he found his stacking cups and played with those. He stacked them over and over again and then stacked them all up and put them away when he was done. What a big boy!

After nap Joe was home so we finished up packing and headed up to the cabin. As soon as we arrived Liam was ready to play.

We had to get a family picture in our Badger gear since there was a Badger football game that evening.


Kameryn and Luke wanted in on the picture too!


Uncle Patrick and his girlfriend Kat brought a bunch of nerf guns and even a nerf bow. Liam loved the bow!

Then it was time for Liam to go down for the night. We watched the Badger game and had dinner and then called it a night too.


Liam had a rough night. He was up most of the morning ready to play. So we were up earlier than normal. It was a gloomy and wet morning.

Joe was running in the 5K race they have every Labor Day weekend. His sister, Erin, his dad, Kat, and Reece (youngest boy of the Humber’s) all ran the race also. Everyone ran a really great race and Joe set a personal record for himself.

After the race we headed back to the cabin for breakfast and then over to the municipal airport to check out some airplanes. It was the “fly in” for the weekend so there were a few planes there and they also had a pancake breakfast (we skipped since we already ate).


The weather started to clear up a little later in the morning and the humidity had Liam’s hair in the cutest curls!


Marley had the right idea when the sun came out. Such a funny dog!

Then Joe, Liam and I took Kameryn to the fastest kid in town race. She wanted to run and has done it every year. She was excited! I stood with her at the starting line to get her started and Joe and Liam stood at the finish. She ran her little heart out and ended up taking 5th out of 15 in her age group.

After the race we celebrated with coffee and smoothies at the coffee shop.

Then it was back to the cabin to get Liam some lunch and down for a much needed nap (for all of us!). I took a short nap but it was just what I needed after that rough night.

Patrick and Kat had ran into town to get a puzzle and some books for themselves. They started working on that and I helped when I could.

Once Liam woke up from nap Joe, Liam, Marley and I went for a little walk with Liam’s bike. He loves that bike and helmet but it is not made for long walks.

We had yummy tacos/burritos for dinner. After Liam went down I helped more with the puzzle.

It was a relaxing evening again which was nice.


There was a beautiful sunrise on the lake Sunday morning. Liam had slept much better which was so nice. The weather was supposed to be beautiful for the day too so we were looking forward to that.


Joe and his mom went for a bike ride in the morning. Joe wanted to do the bike ride and run after. While he was gone I gave Liam breakfast and got him ready for the day. We decided to go for a walk to get our exercise in as well. On our walk we saw Joe bike in and then take off on his run. He decided to only do a mile so he caught up with us towards the halfway of our walk and walked with us back to the cabin.

When we got back Liam was ready to play outside. He loves swinging on a big swing now.

He joined his dad to relax in the hammock, but if you know Liam at all….relaxing is brief and we were on to the next thing!

Liam went down for nap and Joe and I were both able to enjoy some time outside in the sunshine. It was great to just relax. I also spent a little time working on the puzzle again. We were making progress but it was a lot of work.

Once Liam was up it was time to go back outside. We went to go throw rocks in the water. He liked that. There were also some shovels for digging and he really liked that.

He decided he wanted to get in the water with “Bumpa.” He liked it at first but once he went a little deeper he was done.

Then everyone except me, Liam, and Luke played a nylon bowling game where you put the nylons on your head with a softball in them and try to knock over the water bottles. I didn’t have my phone on me to take pictures but it was quite the site!

We gave Liam dinner after that and let him play just a little more before putting him to bed. We all had a late dinner that evening. Patrick, Kat and I spent more time working on the puzzle also. We were getting close but couldn’t quite get it done that night before heading to bed.


Liam slept in and I was even able to sneak out of the room without him waking up. Score! I started working more on the puzzle while it was quiet.

It was a pretty uneventful morning. Liam and Joe watched a movie while Patrick, Kat, Joe’s dad, and I finished up the puzzle. We actually got it done! 1000 piece puzzle complete!


We decided we want to head home before lunch so we got all packed up and hit the road. Liam ended up falling asleep for the drive so nap time was postponed for the day. We did lay him down for a later nap but he never fell asleep.

We decided to go get some sweet corn for dinner and stop by my parent’s house on the way. My nephew Judah was there so the boys played for a little while.


Then it was home for a relaxing evening of dinner, play time with Liam, bath time, and movie time.

We had a wonderful long weekend. It was nice to get away from the house and just relax instead continuing with my super crazy nesting! Hope you had a great weekend too and enjoy your short work week ahead!