Friends and family weekend!

We got to spend our weekend with so many of my favorite people! Such a fun weekend!


I had the day off Friday so I started my morning with a nice workout. Things are getting more challenging but I always feel good doing something and taking care of my body.


Then the rest of the morning was filled with snuggles from my little man and play time. We also went to the store to get groceries and some other odds and ends we needed.

I had to take advantage of nap time and actually be productive. I made cupcakes, rice krispy treats, and painted Liam’s table with chalk paint. After all of that I still had some time to take a little nap.

When Joe got home we decided to make the trip to Fawn-Doe-Rose wildlife park. Liam had so much fun! He was able to feed a cute little fawn.

Liam also fed a little goat and got to see a bunch of big goats. When they starting making noises at him he said “I no like that.”

He also fed a few “big bucks” and helped mommy feed  a doe. It was so fun watching Liam run around and get excited to see all the animals.

After we decided to go to my parent’s house for pizza and corn on the cob. It was a relaxing evening there and Liam loves playing with all grandma and grandpa’s toys.

Then we headed home to put Liam to bed and go to bed early ourselves. We were both tired.


I got to wake up and get some Liam snuggles while Joe was at the gym. Then it was my turn to head to sweat circuit and get a good workout in. While I was gone Joe took Liam to Cabela’s.


When I got home from workout the boys were still gone so it gave me some time to shower and get ready for the day.

Once they returned home it was lunch time and then nap time. I had to get to work over nap again. I had to make the frosting for the cupcakes I made Friday and then frost and decorate them for a Diaper party later. They turned out really great (and delicious too)!


Then we picked up our friend’s Shawna and Rudy and headed to Breanna and TJ’s diaper party for their little baby girl. It was Liam’s first trip being forward facing. I know a lot of people have a lot of opinions on the correct age/weight to flip your child around but after reading our carseat instructions it stated we were OVERDUE to flip him! So we did it right away. He is still rear-facing in my vehicle as it is a different carseat.


It was fun to get together with everyone and just hang out. Liam had fun hanging with the boys. Breanna and I had to take a bump picture together. Can’t wait for our babies to play and grow together.

Then we brought Shawna and Rudy home and headed home ourselves. It was a little later than Liam normally goes to bed so he was tired and fell asleep very quickly.


Joe and I were exhausted as well. So again off to bed we went.


Liam slept in and so did I. Joe went off to do a 3D hunt with his friend Cole. When we woke up we had some cuddle time but then Liam was ready to play.


We colored with chalk on his “new” table and he loved it!

We also played outside since it was nice out. Liam loves riding his bike.


Once Joe got home I was off to meet my friend Jenna in Stillwater for pedicures and lunch. We went to nacho mama’s and had some virgin margaritas, guacamole, and tacos. It was super yummy!

It was so good to catch up with this mama to be and can’t wait to meet her little one.


Once I got home I was able to take a quick nap while Liam was still napping. I was so tired from a busy morning. It doesn’t take much these days to get me feeling tired.

Once Liam was up we had some playtime outside and splashed in the water. It ended up being super hot out!

Joe’s mom stopped by to play with Liam for a little bit. Marley got a little jealous and had to get in on the action.

I suddenly got the urge to deep clean one of our bathrooms (nesting?). I power cleaned that while Joe worked on dinner. It felt good to get that done.

After dinner it was snuggle and movie time and then bedtime for Liam. Aren’t my boys so cute?!?


We hung out for a little while after Liam went down but then called it a night ourselves.

It was such a fun weekend with our family and friends. I hope you all have a great week ahead!



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