10 year class reunion and Peterson wedding

Another great weekend in the books. We weren’t extremely productive but it was nice to have a little down time.


Joe and I both worked during the day. After work Joe, Liam, and I met up with my friends Breanna and Jordan and Jordan’s husband Jesse. We went to Rusty’s for dinner. We ended up waiting a really long time to get a table and by the time we got our table we had already ordered our food and began eating at the bar. We ordered Liam’s food even earlier because he was getting really hungry. They ended up giving us free drinks/desserts for the inconvenience.

After dinner I said goodbye to Joe and Liam and headed off to my 10 year class reunion. 10 years?!? Where has the time gone??? It was fun to see people I haven’t seen in a while and chat and hang out. It was super low key. We didn’t have the best attendance for a class of just over 200 people but it was still fun. Hopefully more people will come to 15 years!


I started my morning off with a sweat circuit. It was a tough one but it was good. I love my Saturday morning workouts!

When I got home we spent some time outside. It was a beautiful morning. Liam loves watching Joe shoot his bow and arrow so he did that while I lounged.

Then Liam decided he wanted to swing. He likes that I have a swing right next to his and makes me sit and swing next to him. He kept yelling “Daddy! See me daddy?!” until Joe came over and sat with us.

During Liam’s nap it was crunch time to get ready for a wedding we had to attend that evening. My dress options are limited these days but I found this black maternity one that looked really nice!

Once Liam was awake (we had to wake him up) we brought him to our neighbor’s house to play until my mom could pick him up later. They played outside and looked like they had a lot of fun together.

Then we were off to the wedding of Joe’s friend Rod and his soon to be wife Katie. The wedding ceremony was short, sweet, and HOT! We were in the direct sunlight and it was toasty. However the bride was absolutely beautiful and you could really see the love they shared with each other. So cute! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Peterson!

They had a break in between the ceremony and the reception so we went to get some appetizers with Joe’s friends and recently newlyweds Colin and Emily. It was so nice to catch up with them and spend some time with them. Then we returned to the reception for dinner and dessert. They had these yummy caramel filled cupcakes. We hung out for a little while longer but decided to call it a night early. We hustled home before Liam went to bed and chatted with my mom a little while too.


It was nice to be home a little earlier and I was really tired so I was glad to just kick back and relax.


The morning started off super lazy but then we decided to go for a family walk. It was so nice to get outside and get moving because I could tell it was going to be a lazy day. After our walk we played outside for a while. Liam wanted to ride his bike so Joe and I took turns pushing. Then he wanted to draw with chalk. He always makes me draw him a bunny and lately I’ve been drawing boats. He is now scribbling and calling his pictures certain things also. It’s super cute. He gets so excited to show us.


Then it was play time inside, lunch, and then nap time for Liam. It also was nap time for me because I didn’t sleep well the night prior and also stopped drinking coffee (baby was disagreeing with it). I took a much needed nap and then got up when Liam did. He woke up super sad and wanted snuggles so that’s what we all did.

Then we did play time inside and outside again. Liam found his golf club so we had to practice golfing.

It was a lazy evening again which we all were okay with.

We hope you had a wonderful weekend! Congrats again to the newlyweds, Rod and Katie!

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