A bridal shower and a big boy room!

We had a good but busy weekend! It ended up flying by but we accomplished a lot which is great!


Joe and I both worked during the day and then we all spent the evening together. Our evening wasn’t too eventful but we did spend some time playing and relaxing after the work week.


I started my morning with a my sweat circuit at Snap. It always feels good to get it done in the morning and on the weekend! Another member and I took a “happy we are done” selfie post workout. So sweaty!


Then it was to Farm and Home to get some paint for Liam’s big boy room we were going to work on this weekend. I got all the supplies and then headed home.

Once I got home I had to hustle and shower and get ready for Joe’s cousin Natalie’s bridal shower brunch.

There was a bridal veil competition. My group went all out with our design. We didn’t end up winning but it was fun!

While I was at the shower Joe cleaned and taped Liam’s new room while Liam napped.

After the shower I picked Liam up so Joe could go for a run. We went back to Joe’s parent’s house to hang by the pool for a little bit.


Then it was back home for dinner and some rest after a busy day.

After Liam went to bed my mom and I did a first coat of paint in Liam’s room. His room was already a shade of brown and I decided I wanted it a different shade. It didn’t seem necessary but after the first coat I was really pleased with the change.

Then it was off to bed. I was exhausted.


We had family time in the morning and just relaxed. Joe then ran to the store so Liam and I watched some cartoons and snuggled. He was a snuggle bug and I loved it.


It was a fairly uneventful morning. At Liam’s nap time my mom came over to finish the second coat of paint in Liam’s room. Joe put Liam’s bed together during that time as well. We had a short amount of time to get a lot done but we got most of it done before Liam woke up.


Once Liam woke up he knew there was a “secret” in that room that he could see later. We went to the store to get a few groceries and when we got back I did some of the final touches in his room and we let him see it.

He loved it! He gave his version of thumbs up. So cute!


We spent the remainder of the evening playing and finishing up a few things in his room. He was excited to go to bed in his new room and new bed and we were hopeful things would go well.

He went down fairly easily and did not try to get out of his bed at all.

We watched some Netflix and then went to bed to get some rest before the work week.

It was a great and busy weekend! Hard to believe my little baby is in a toddler bed now! Hope you all have a great week ahead!

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