Wisconsin Dells 2017

We had a wonderful family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells to visit my Aunt Sherrie. My parents, brother Blake, and brother Sean and his family all went to spend the weekend together.


I started Friday bright and early with a morning workout. I wasn’t sure how much exercising I would be doing over the weekend so I wanted to get a workout in before vacation started. It felt so good to get it done and out of the way.


I had an oil change scheduled for the morning so Liam and I went to do that. While we waited we headed next door to our local Farm and Home to look at the animals. Liam loved the fish and the birds. He liked the puppies too but cringed when he saw the mice. He did not like them at all.

Then we went back to the dealership to wait for my car to get done. Liam convinced me to give him half a cookie while we waited (who am I kidding, I wanted a cookie and he made me share lol).


Then it was home to finish packing up and wait for Joe to get home so we could hit the road.

My parents, Blake, and Sean and his family all left Thursday night and spent Friday at the water park with Sherrie. Once we arrived at the Dells we quick dropped our things off at Sherrie’s and went to Noah’s Ark water park.

My mom and Sherrie met us at the kiddie pool when we arrived. We let Liam adjust to where we were and warm up to the excitement. It didn’t take him long.

Then we went to find the others. We found my dad and Blake lounging in the shade. Liam was excited to see them.

Then we found the others. We headed to another kiddie pool to hang out and let the little one’s play.

Liam had a blast playing with Uncle Blake. He had fun splashing and running in the water. He loves his “Uncle Bait.”

Sean and his family decided to close down the water park and the rest of us headed downtown to MACS for some mac-and-cheese. I had the Memphis Mac and Joe had the Chipotle Mac. Both were soooo good!

Then we went to get Liam a Packer hat. Joe and I also got some Wisconsin gear.

There was live music so we watched that for a little while. Liam did some dancing in the street. He was having so much fun.

It was starting to get late so we headed back to Sherrie’s to put Liam to bed. We stayed up and chatted for a little while before calling it a night ourselves.


Joe was up early and went for a 4 mile run. He is crazy but he got his exercise in bright and early before most people were awake. Liam was up pretty early too but I left him for a little while because I knew he would wake everyone up if I got him right away. Once I did get him he was ready to play.

He wanted to go outside so Sherrie got some toys out and he played outside for a while.


Then I wanted to go for a walk so me, Liam, Joe, my mom, Sherrie, and Ayla all went for a walk. It was a quick one but it was good to get moving.

After our walk it was time for a little watermelon snack.

Liam played outside more and then everyone was ready for some lunch. He found a cute headband he wanted to wear. So adorable!


Sean and his family decided to spend the day downtown. Joe, my dad, Blake, and my cousin Andrew went mini golfing and on the go-carts. That left a really quiet house for me, Sherrie, my mom, and Liam. It was perfect for Liam to take a nap. I decided to shower and get ready while he was down and my mom and Sherrie spent some time in the pool.

Liam woke up tired and snuggly after nap. I did not mind the extra snuggles. Once he woke up we all finished getting ready and headed in to mini golf.


There was a park at mini golf that we had Liam play at while we waited for Sean and his family to meet us there.


We also took a family picture while we waited for everyone to be ready to golf.


We ended up splitting up for mini golf because we were a pretty large group and some of us just moved ahead a little quicker. Joe, Blake, Liam and I ended up moving ahead and letting Liam hit a bunch of balls into the holes. He was loving hitting the balls and he LOVED his little putter.

Liam and Blake had to take a rest on the greens because it was so hot outside.

After mini golf we went back to Sherrie’s for a burger cook off between Sean and Joe. Both burgers were very different and most people said they liked both. It was really a great summer meal.

After dinner Liam wanted to swim so Sherrie took him swimming. He had so much fun even though he only wanted to swim for about 10 minutes.

Then it was Liam’s bed time. We put him down and my mom and Sherrie were so kind and offered to watch him while Joe and I had a little date night.  I wanted to do some “competitive” mini golf so we did that. We chose a different course then earlier in the day and had a lot of fun. It was so nice to be able to relax and just enjoy some time together.

When we got back to Sherrie’s my dad picked up Joe and they went off for a boy’s night of Zombie combat and go-karts. I checked on Liam before heading to bed for the night. He looked adorable and so big all stretched out in his bed. I was exhausted after the busy day so I was glad to stay home and crawl into bed.



Liam was up pretty early again and ready to take on the day. He wanted to see everyone who was sleeping, he wanted watermelon for breakfast, and he wanted to play outside. He is so funny!

Liam and my dad watched some dirt bike videos in the morning to keep him entertained for a little while. Liam was totally into it.


Then we all had a big family breakfast together. It was really good. After breakfast we packed up our things and got ready for the drive home. We left around nap time in the hopes that Liam would take a good nap. He slept almost the whole ride home which was perfect.

We ended up going straight to my parent’s house and ended up being lazy with them. It was super hot outside so my dad took Liam swimming while Joe picked up pizzas and sweet corn on the cob for dinner.

After dinner we headed back home to unpack a little, give Liam a bath, and relax. Joe and Liam were very relaxed during movie time. We all ended up in bed before 8pm.


We had a wonderful weekend in the Dells and we are so thankful to Sherrie for letting us visit her. We can’t wait to visit again.

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