Not the man I married

I have been married for almost 3 years now. I know that isn’t very long but also it really is. I’ve known my husband for more than 10 years now. We dated in high school and then dated again for 3 years before he asked me to marry him.

Things were not always perfect or easy while we were dating but we always made it through them together. We always found a way to love each other through the hard times.

When we got married on that beautiful September day I knew I was marrying the man of my dreams. My one true love. He always knew how to make me laugh, he always kissed me goodnight, he always told me he loved me, he supported me, and most importantly he made me happy. I was welcomed into his family with open arms and he mine. There was no hesitation, no second thoughts, no looking back. God made this man to be my husband and made me to be his wife.

We are now quickly approaching having our second child and as I look back on our (almost) 3 years of marriage I have realized something….this is not the man I married. There are pieces of him that are the same but so much is different.

The man I married has matured, developed, and grown into an even better version of himself. I never imagined this happening but he has found a way to surprise me and has continued to make me love him more and more with each passing day.

He takes care of me in a way that is so far from expected. He doesn’t complain about the day to day tasks he has taken on. He has such a special bond with our little one that I can’t even explain. He has taken his role as husband and father to a level that continues to amaze me daily.

He respects me. He understands me. He puts me first. Although I like to believe I am pretty carefree and relaxed, he puts up with my occasional stubbornness and rigidness. He supports me in everything I do from being a mom, group fitness instructor, addiction counselor, part time worker, wife, health and fitness enthusiast, weekend napper, and so much more. He is right next to me, supporting me, encouraging me, inspiring me.

He still knows how to make me laugh, he still always kisses me goodnight, he still always tells me he loves me, he supports me every day, and most importantly he makes me happy. I love this man so much and although I never thought I could love him more than the day before he finds a way with each passing day to make me love him more and more. I am so proud of him, I am so happy with him, and I am so in love with him.

Thank you for being that husband I couldn’t have even dreamed about….you are so much more!

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