Cabin, sunshine, and triathlon!

Well our weekend had a turn of events when Joe decided he wanted to participate in the Shell Lake triathlon! It was a really great weekend! And yes he is crazy! haha!


Joe worked from home which allowed me to get to the gym in the morning. I was so thankful to get a nice workout in before the weekend ahead.


Then it was mommy and Liam time. I had to head to the chiropractor so I took Liam with. The plate in my lower back (sciatica plate????) tends to tilt so regular chiropractor visits are a must during pregnancy! Liam was a good little boy in the waiting room but then was totally freaked out by the chiropractor and just cried. It was so sad and I had to calm him down and tell him he was just watching. Then he was fine.

We got home in time for Liam’s lunch and nap time. I had a lot of packing to do for the cabin so I worked on that.

After Liam’s nap we headed north. Joe’s parents and sister’s family were up there for the weekend as well. Liam had so much fun once his cousins arrived and they were able to play outside and run around.

Uncle Joel even helped him ride a bike. He loved it!

Joe’s mom cooked us an amazing dinner to fuel the racers for the next day.

Then it was bed time for Liam and shortly after it was bed time for us.


We got up bright and early in time to catch a beautiful sunrise on the lake.


There was all kinds of hustle and bustle in the morning as Joe, his dad, and his sister/Erin prepared for the triathlon. Joe’s mom was going to participate as well but she has been having some trouble breathing with the humidity in the air and it was quite humid. She decided to back out last minute and take Erin’s kids instead.


The triathlon participants left while we continued to get the kids packed up and ready to go. We walked to the race and got there just before it started.


First it was the swim. Everyone made good time and came out smiling. It looked insane all those people in the lake at one time but the water was calm which helped a lot.

Then they were off on their bikes. While they were biking the 15 miles we played at the park on the beach. Joe’s cousin Madison took Liam and they played. It took him a minute to warm up to her but then he really liked her!

The bikers started coming in and were taking off on the final task; the run! They all still looked good and ready to take it on.

The kiddos were such troopers as we watched the races. Liam enjoyed a little snack while we waited for everyone to finish the race.


Joe’s sister finished first and she kicked butt. She got a personal record for herself and was the top finisher for her age group. Then Joe’s dad came in. Kameryn and Luke ran in with him.

Then Joe came! His goal was to finish in under 2 hours. He had only started running about 1.5 weeks ago and had not trained for the bike or swim. He knew he was under trained and just wanted to finish the race.


Liam wanted to run in with Joe. He was soooo excited to see him coming and he ran with him as much as he could and then caught up to him at the finish line. It was so adorable.

Liam and I both are so proud of Joe for pushing himself and finishing the race. Nothing like just throwing yourself into fitness!


There were a few other people from New Richmond in the race and also Joe’s cousin Grace’s boyfriend. They all did amazing and should be so proud of themselves! What an accomplishment!

We walked back to the cabin for lunch. Liam was ready for nap pretty shortly after that.

Erin and the kids left before Liam got up from nap. She had plans for the evening so they had to head home early. When Liam woke up it was so hot and sunny. We headed out on the pontoon and did some swimming. Liam loved it!

We decided to go out for dinner.  Then it was back to the cabin for a little bit of play time and then bed time for Liam.

Joe and I were both exhausted after the busy day so we stayed up for a little while after Liam and then went to bed too.


It was much cooler outside in the morning. Joe and Liam both slept in. I decided to get up and just relax in the morning. Once Liam was up we had to wake Joe up.

Liam was ready to play outside bright and early so we headed outside for a little bit.


Then we decided to go out for breakfast before heading home. It was at a nice little place in Spooner and it was pretty good! It wasn’t super greasy like most breakfast joints so that was nice.

Then it was to the cabin to pack up and head out before nap time. We made it out and actually made it home (with me entertaining in the backseat) without Liam falling asleep.

He went down for nap and then so did I. Busy weekends are hard! haha! After nap we played for a little while and after very little thought….we decided to go to Sawmill for pizza before July pizza menu ended and a new August menu came. Joe’s sister and family were there for a birthday party that we ended up “crashing.”

Liam has really warmed up to his “Aut-nie Erin.” So sweet!

Once again it was home and then movie and snuggles before bed time. Look little cutie boy snuggle his daddy to avoid mom putting him in bed! Haha!

What a wonderful weekend we had and again so proud of Joe for his weekend accomplishments. 

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