The Davison Wedding

We had a wonderful time celebrating Mr. and Mrs. Davison. Emily was a beautiful bride and the love they shared shined through effortlessly. I’m so happy to have been able to celebrate with them.

FRIDAY -Rehearsal and Groom’s Dinner

Since Joe was an usher in the wedding we also attended the rehearsal and the groom’s dinner. The rehearsal went well and the dinner was delicious. The decorations were so cute and we are so happy to have been there.


SATURDAY -The Wedding

Joe had a full morning of events with the groom which included fishing, breakfast, getting ready, and pictures.

Then it was time for the ceremony. Everyone looked so nice and the flowers were beautiful and vibrant.


Joe walked down the aisle with his friend and the other usher, Dustin. They looked so handsome!

The most adorable ring bearer (and our neighbor/Liam’s buddy), Keaton did a great job.

The bride, Emily, was very emotional walking down the aisle. She looked stunning and seeing her in the moment was so beautiful.

The view of the ceremony was gorgeous with the lake in the background and the tall trees!


The ceremony itself was very personal to the bride and groom. Both the bride and groom got choked up at some point. It was just really a very nice ceremony and as I said before the love shine through effortlessly.

The ushers, Joe and Dustin, dismissed rows. Of course I need another picture—they are showing off their “huge” necks.


The reception decorations were so pretty too. They really did a great job with the flowers and signs. Everything looked perfect.

The wedding party left on the party bus so I spent the in between time with Joe’s family.

Then it was grand march time and I snapped a few more pictures of Joe and Dustin. They put on quite the performance.

For dessert they had donuts! YUM!


Their first dance was lovely and so fun to have it outside. These two lovebirds were so cute!


We stayed for a little of the dance and then decided to make the drive home. We were both exhausted and had a long drive home. Of course we stayed just long enough to dance to “Queen of my Double Wide Trailer” (Joe’s choice for our first dance that got vetoed by me). Haha!

We wish Colin and Emily so much laughter, happiness, joy, and love in their lives together. We are so happy for you two and can’t wait to see what is next! 


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