Fair, wedding, and sleepovers!

We once again had a really great weekend. It was packed with lots of activities and fun!


I know this isn’t part of the weekend but I wanted to share some of the fun pics we got at our local fair. Although Liam didn’t express that he was enjoying the rides he kept saying “more” when they were over. I think he had fun!


Liam and I had some morning errands to run. We went to Target to get a bunch of things! It was a successful trip although Liam was over it by the time we left.

Then it was home for play, lunch, and nap time. After nap Liam woke up super sad. He didn’t want anything I suggested. I thought maybe he was sick so I took his temperature and it came back normal. We settled on snuggles on the couch.


Shortly after Liam woke up, Joe got home and we had to pack super quick to bring Liam for a sleepover at my parents and Joe and I were off to rehearsal dinner for his good friend Colin and his future Mrs; Emily.

Liam seemed fine once we dropped him off at my parent. He was ready to play with the toys and have a good time. We hustled off to Chippewa Falls where the rehearsal was taking place.

After rehearsal was the grooms dinner. It was his favorite meal, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese. It was so good! And look at the adorable decorations!

Of course the desserts too. Some super yummy cookies!


My mom ended up calling and saying Liam had a fever. She said he was just snuggly and tired. I trusted her to do what was best for him and she agreed to keep me posted on how he is doing. We thought a good nights rest will hopefully help him get better.

After dinner we headed to my friend Breanna’s parent’s house to stay the night rather than making the long trip home. She stayed there with us and her parents were gone for the night. It was so nice of them to let us stay and saved us a lot of time!


Joe headed off to wedding events early since he is an Usher in the wedding. They started bright and early with fishing and breakfast.

My mom sent me a picture of Liam once he woke up and said he was doing much better. He woke up happy, no fever, and had an appetite again. Thank goodness!


I tried to sleep in a little. Once we were up, Breanna and I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. It was already getting hot so it felt good to get that done before it got too hot.

We then had some breakfast and headed to Caribou for sparkling green tea lemonade and the farmer’s market. We got some yummy sugar snap peas and Breanna got her mom some flowers.


Then we went off to Target to get a few things for Breanna. After that it was back to the house. I was a little tired so I rested for about 20 minutes and then had to start getting ready to go.

I got picked up by the other Usher’s (Dustin) wife, Kristin and off to the ceremony we went. We got there a little early to try to get a seat in the shade. It was hot and humid and we are both pregnant!

The ceremony and reception were a lot of fun! I will make a separate post with more details on it.

I got a picture of Liam at the fair with his cousin Judah and Uncle Blake on a ride. So thankful they were able to have a good time!


After the wedding we drove home. Then it was quick shower and go straight to bed. We were both exhausted.


I got to sleep in a little since Liam was gone but we wanted to go watch my bestie Molly and her family play tennis so I had to get up so we could pick Liam up and try to get there by 8 for their matches.

We stopped and grabbed coffee, then Liam, and were a little late to the matches but we made it!


Liam loved watching Brogan play tennis. Brogan is Molly’s little sister who Liam sees all the time when he is at daycare. He loves her and kept saying her name. It was sooooo adorable!


I am so thankful to have friends and daycare family who care so much about my little man. He obviously loves them too!


After tennis we went home to relax, eat lunch, and take naps. We all took nice long naps.

After nap was over we headed to Joe’s parent’s house for a pool day.

Joe’s parents got a new pizza oven so we made homemade pizzas for dinner. They were super good! Such a fun idea! Joe’s sister also made this super yummy grilled watermelon and peach salad. It was so good!

After swimming it was time to head home and get Liam ready for bed. He was super tired after a long weekend.

We are so thankful for our family and friends! What a great weekend and we owe it all to them! 🙂

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