A holiday weekend with a birthday celebration!

We had an excellent weekend with wonderful weather!!


Liam and I started our Friday morning with a nutrition packed smoothie and some reading. Lately he has been wanting to read a lot so he picks out the books and I read them.


We moved on to coloring after a while. We have still been working on potty training and someone was really proud about the treat he got for going #2 on the potty. Side note: he has been doing so good with potty training. We are very proud! It is definitely a commitment to get him on the potty everywhere we go.

While Liam napped I did some online prenatal yoga. As part of a fitness challenge I am doing the challenge this week was to try something new. I was surprisingly impressed with how I felt afterwards. I may have to continue with that on the days I am home.


After nap Joe was home. We hung out for the evening. After dinner I had a sweet tooth so we went and got an oreo McFlurry. It was delicious!


Then it was bed time for Liam and movie time for us. We watched Concussion. Joe had seen it but I hadn’t. It was a good movie!


Liam was up and ready to read! He curled up with Joe and wanted to read on his own. So cute!


Then I was off to run the holiday weekend Sweat Circuit at Snap Fitness. I had a great group show up and we got hot and sweaty! So good to get our weekend workout in.

When I got home we all ran our grocery errands. We had to go to several stores to get what we needed so it was a busy morning. Then it was home to have lunch and put Liam down for nap. Joe and I ended up taking a little nap as well.

After my nap I decided to have a festive snack. I love yogurt and berries! So good!


Once Liam woke up he was ready to play. We spent a little time outside but the mosquitoes are pretty bad at our house so we never last too long out there.


Joe made BBQ ribs for dinner with sweet corn and mac and cheese (for Liam but of course I couldn’t resist). It was the perfect summer meal.


After dinner we spent a little more time playing and then Liam requested movie night. He is just like his daddy!


Liam went down for bed, then we watched some Netflix and then headed to bed.


Liam decided to sleep in so Joe and I had a relaxing morning. Once Liam woke up we had breakfast and got ready to go pick strawberries with Frauntie Molly.

Molly and I both had never gone to pick berries before so it was a new experience for us. It was actually fun and there were so many berries to be picked.

Liam helped pick at first but then we decided he would be better as the designated “berry into bucket placer.” He did good with this.

Liam even had to taste test a berry and he approved.

Once we got home we had some play time before lunch and nap. I had another festive bowl of yogurt for lunch but this time with some of our fresh berries. YUM!


We had my dad’s birthday/pool party in the afternoon so we took Liam over there to nap. He took a short nap but that was okay because his cousins (and Grandpa) were there and ready to play.

Liam is still getting used to swimming but he did pretty good! He spent some time in the water so that is progress.

My dad/the birthday boy had some fun at his party. He cracks me up! Always having a good time!


We had dinner at the party and then ended up heading home at Liam’s bedtime. Joe and I were both exhausted (Liam too) after a long day outside. After Liam went down I took a shower, then Joe did, and we were both ready for bed too.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! For those who have Monday off….good for you! Enjoy it! And for those (like me) who have to work, make it a great day! 

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