2nd trimester continued -weeks 20-26


Week 20
Halfway! Woooohooo! It is so crazy how fast time is flying this time around. I am feeling large. My belly button is out all the time and visible under clothing. I have a massive appetite still. I’ve been craving sweeter things lately. Trying to kick that!


My lower back has started to shift a lot. It did the same with Liam. It’s getting loose and will pop in and out of place with no pain.

I am noticing I am uncomfortable sitting in the same position for long periods of time. I shift around a lot.

Joe felt the baby move for the first time. This baby feels really strong and it’s movements are really strong as well. It just happened to be that Joe had his had there and felt it.

Week 21
My belly is still large, and I still have quite the appetite however it seems to be decreasing. My evening meals are becoming more challenging again.


I’ve noticed my workouts becoming more challenging. My calves start to burn more now with the extra weight and extra demands. It isn’t a bad thing, it’s just more noticeable.

I can’t sit still. I’m uncomfortable in most positions and shift constantly.

My face has started breaking out a little more again. I’ve kept up with washing it and it isn’t terrible but I have noticed it.

Week 22-24
I forgot to keep up to date on this….so this is a combo of the weeks.

My appetite is crazy! I could eat all day long but come dinner time I am no longer starving. I at times have eaten 2 lunches because 1 just wasn’t enough. This baby is HUNGRY!!

Still feeling uncomfortable which won’t go away now that I am getting larger. I did have a doctor appt that confirmed I am the “right size” for how far along I am.

My face has cleared up again. It is off and on but it’s doing well again.

I’ve continued exercising. Some days are harder than others to be motivated but I keep doing it and know it will be/is so great for me and baby.

I had some pretty major lower back pain during this couple weeks. I went to the chiropractor twice and that helped a lot. I also got a nice massage. I love keeping up with at least monthly massages and chiropractor visits.

I had two occasions where I was on my feet a lot during the day and that is very noticeable to me now. By the end of the day I am exhausted and my legs are sore.


25 weeks with Liam 24 weeks with Baby 2

Week 25
My tummy has been noticeably getting in the way during simply daily motions this week more than any previous weeks.

Sleep has been very interrupted this week. Some nights I will sleep really good and others I will wake up multiple times through out the night. I’ve also had some trouble falling asleep at night.


I’ve had some pretty serious right shoulder pain this week. I have had this in the past while not pregnant and it has had to do with spine alignment. I am hoping a trip to the chiropractor will help with this.

Exercising has it’s increased challenges and there is a dire need for me to modify at this point in my pregnancy however I am feeling extra motivated to keep moving and keep pushing myself.

This baby is moving a ton, especially when I am sitting still or trying to sleep. It’s moves are very dramatic and strong.

Week 26
Well I am now 2/3 of the way complete with my pregnancy (I consider starting week 27 as the 3rd trimester where others say it’s week 28). It is seriously flying by!

I have been doing good during this week however I got sick again! I got a cold/allergy/respiratory thing going on. It is so hard to be sick while pregnant. Just trying to keep up on my vitamins and rest as much as possible.


I am less hungry this week but I am contributing that to being sick. Once I feel better I am guessing my hunger will pick back up.

My shoulder pain is gone this week! Thank goodness! My back pain has been decent too so that has been nice.

Sleep hasn’t been a major issue this week besides the effects of illness. However I have been going to bed early and have not had to get up to use the bathroom in the night, which is a nice change. Just my cough that has been waking me up.

I have been taking it very easy on exercise this week with being sick. Can’t wait to pick back up again though. I have however noticed I get really hot really fast. This baby is keeping me warm!

Baby has continued moving a ton and it’s movements are visible from the outside. Joe is in shock when he sees my stomach move. Liam refuses to hold his hand on my belly for more than 2 seconds so he has yet to feel the baby move.

I am so happy to be moving into the 3rd trimester. It seriously is one of those “I can’t believe I am only 27 weeks” and “I can’t believe I am already 27 weeks”! 3 months until my due date as of yesterday (6/28 -due 9/28). YAY!!

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