A cool cabin weekend

We had a nice relaxing weekend at the cabin. The weather was cooler but still decent and we enjoyed some outside time when we could.


We packed our things and headed to the cabin around 3:30 when Joe got home from work. It was just us and Joe’s parents for the weekend so we knew it was going to be quiet.

We spent the evening relaxing and letting Liam run around and explore. He did some relaxing too!



We started off with a relaxing morning. Joe and his dad went fishing so Liam, Marley, and I went for a walk. It felt good to get outside and get moving early in the morning.


When we returned the guys were back from fishing and Liam had to share stories from our walk.

It ended up getting pretty sunny out so we spent some time playing outside before lunch. Liam just loves running around outside.

Then it was nap time for Liam. It was starting to get cloudy and gloomy out so Joe curled up on the couch and I decided to watch Moana on Netflix. It was very cute!

After nap we packed up and headed to Hayward to go to the wilderness walk. We thought Liam would enjoy seeing all the animals.

He thought it was pretty funny that a goat chewed on my sweater and the horse sneezed on me. He is such a storyteller.


He had a blast looking at the animals but did not want to go too close to them.

He had some fun playing there as well but was cautious to be away from the animals.

Liam got an adorable souvenir from the walk.


After the park we headed to the Steakhouse and Lodge for dinner. It is always such yummy food.

Then we headed back to the cabin for a little play time before Liam headed to bed. I was pretty exhausted myself and so was Joe. We stayed up and chatted for a while before calling it a night.


The weather was quite chilly and cloudy in the morning so we decided to head home early. We packed up our things and headed out around 9:15am.

We decided to stop at Rusty’s for breakfast on our way home which was good because Liam was very hungry and ate so good.

We spent a little more time playing once we got home but Liam was really tired. We put him down for nap and he slept for 3.5 hours! Tired boy! I also napped as I was beginning to not feel the greatest. I woke up from nap super stuffy and sneezy. I felt miserable.

We decided to go for a walk since it was sunny out and that was nice. Then we played outside since Liam insisted “outside me!”

After a few hours of feeling terrible I bit the bullet and went to Walmart to get some Benadryl in the hopes that it would help. It did a little but I ended up heading to bed early.

Aside from getting sick it was a really nice weekend. Liam had so much fun and was able to do so much exploring.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the week ahead!

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