A wedding, graduation party, and Father’s Day 2017

We had a really busy but wonderful weekend! So many great things to celebrate!


I was able to sneak in a  much needed chiropractor appt and massage before getting ready to head to our friend’s wedding.

We dropped Liam off at my parent’s house for a sleepover and then headed to Stillwater with Joe’s parents for the wedding. Me and my forever wedding date were looking pretty good!

It was a short but sweet ceremony. The bride looked beautiful and both the bride and groom were glowing with happiness and love.

There were appetizers and drinks after. They were really good. Then it was dinner time. Joe and I both had really good meals. Super delicious! And after dinner were the desserts…so many options and so good!

Amanda and I took some fun pics during some of the in between time.

Then it was time to open up the dance floor. Brandon and Dana’s first dance was so touching and beautiful to watch. You could really see they love they share.

We stayed for a little bit of the dance but then we decided to head home. I was so tired and my legs were sore. I lounged on a couch at the venue for a little while and then we said our goodbyes.


We both got to sleep in a little bit since Liam was still at my parent’s house. Then it was off to sweat circuit for me. Always love getting my Saturday morning workout in!

After workout we rushed to pick up our little guy. Boy, do we miss him when he is gone! We decided to give Joe one of his father’s day gifts from Liam early. Needless to say he loved it and had to wear it right away. Liam was pretty proud (thanks daycare for making them!).

Then it was time for lunch and nap time. After nap we headed to a graduation party for Ryan. After Liam warmed up he had a fun time playing and running around.

We called my mom after the party because it was hot and sunny to see if could come swim. Liam was content just throwing toys in at first.

Once Joe got in the water Liam decided it was okay to join. He did really good!

Then there was some post swimming lounging to be done. Liam loves copying what his dad does.


Then it was time to head home for dinner, bath, “movie night,” and bedtime. Joe and I had a netflix and popcorn date after Liam was down and then headed to bed ourselves.


I woke up to quite the view in the morning 🙂


After waking up Sunday morning we gave Joe his Father’s Day gift and relaxed. We then met my parents out for breakfast.

Breakfast almost always means family nap….so of course we all took an afternoon nap.

We had a Father’s day celebration to attend at 3:30 at my aunt and uncle’s cabin. We met all our family out there and the kiddos had so much fun. Liam was running around and playing the whole time.

After that, we headed out to Joe’s friend Ben’s farm to see the cows and goats. Liam really enjoyed it from a distance.

We went home and put a very tired little boy to bed and then watched a little netflix before calling it a night.

Bonus: Liam didn’t have a single potty accident all day! Woooohooo!

We had such a wonderful weekend. I hope you were able to enjoy some of the weather and relax! Happy Monday!



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