Our weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. It was definitely nice to be home with family for most of it.


I lost one of my part time jobs on Thursday so I had Friday off. It was a pretty tough day but also really nice to be home with Liam. I decided since I was home that we would start potty training. Boys and their little underwear….so cute!


We spent most of the morning playing outside. We also ran a few errands.

After nap we headed to my parent’s house to swim. My brother Sean, Libby, and Judah met us over there as well. We had burgers for dinner and it was really a good time.

We came home and put Liam to bed. I was pretty exhausted after the stress of losing my job and dealing with those emotions so I headed to bed pretty early also.


It was a beautiful morning and supposed to be a really hot day. We got outside pretty early at the request of Liam. I then headed off to sweat circuit. Felt good to get that workout in!

When I got home Liam was a little cranky so we tried entertaining him for a while be he ended up having an early lunch and nap time.

After nap we headed to my friend Jenna’s housewarming/baby shower. It was nice to get out of the house and socialize.

My friend Laura was there with her girls. Liam kept copying what Aria was doing. So cute!


We got home around Liam’s bedtime and surprisingly he stayed awake the whole drive. We put him to bed and watched some Netflix to relax and unwind.


A big storm was rolling in but before it hit I wanted to pick some of our flowers and attempt a little bouquet to put on our table. I think it turned out pretty good.


We continued with the potty training. We decided no diapers for Liam all day except nap.

We were trapped inside with the storm so we played with play-doh and snuggled Marley.

Liam went down for nap and so did me and Joe. Something about dark, rainy weather that puts you right to sleep.

We were all feeling stir crazy in the afternoon so we decided to go to Sawmill Pizza to get some brick oven pizza. One of my favorite things to do in the summer and it was delicious.

Then it was home to play a little, do bath time, and then bed time.

Potty training for the day went really well. We put him on the potty a ton and we had no accidents all day until around bedtime. I’m really impressed with how well he is doing.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Have a wonderful week!

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