Bridal shower, bachelorette, and a lazy Sunday

Well, I had a really busy weekend but it was a lot of fun.


We spent the evening relaxing at home. We decided to try a new recipe: Cheesy baked spaghetti squash. It was really good, easy, and definitely something we will make again.


We played with and snuggled Liam until his bed time and then relaxed and watch some Netflix before calling it a night.


This was a super busy day! I got up and tried to get a few things together. I brought Liam to my mom’s before sweat circuit and then did a quick 25 minute class. It was a good class and felt good to sweat a little!

Then I had to run to the store quick to get some wrapping paper and snacks for the day. I hustled home to shower and get ready quick before heading to Chippewa Falls for my friend Katrina’s bridal shower.

The bridal shower was super cute! It was decorated beautifully and the food was really good. We had brunch and played a few games. She opened gifts and we were able to make a DIY succulent plant.

After the bridal shower we headed to the hotel to settle in and touch up our hair and make up. We had time to relax for a little before the next event.

We headed to two winery tours. Of course my drink of choice was water but others were able to sample different wines and find flavors they enjoyed.

At the second winery there was a band and we were able to get them to sing one more song for us. It was fun to dance and sing.

We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. This included changing clothes and getting sassy! We hopped on the party bus and headed out to dinner.

My friend Breanna is also pregnant so we ordered waters together. Haha!


We got these fun tattoos to put on our wrists. So funny and such a neat idea!


Well after going a few places this mama was super tired. I decided there just wasn’t much I could contribute to the fun and decided to head back to the hotel and go to bed.


I was able to sleep in (until 7 haha!) and of course was the first one up. I spent part of the morning just relaxing and then went down to get some breakfast from the hotel. There were lots of yummy options.

Then a few of the ladies woke up so I headed down to get breakfast with them. After a while we woke up the other ladies to try to get things moving and packing up. It was slow going but we all were so tired. Eventually we got things packed up and headed home.

I got home just after Liam went down for nap. This was good timing for me because I was still so tired so I ended up taking a nap also.

After nap I soaked up some cuddles with my little guy and then spent the evening playing with him. I was definitely in a funk with the lack of sleep and the rainy weather but it was so good to spend time with Liam and Joe.

It was early bedtime for me and Joe both to get some rest before the work week.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Bring on the week and a holiday weekend ahead!


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