A weekend outdoors and Mother’s day 2017

We had a really great weekend. Majority of it was spent outside because the weather was beautiful!


Joe got home early from work so when I got home from work we all headed out for a family walk. We stopped at the neighbors on our way by to say hi and catch up. It was nice to see them.

We made cauliflower fried rice for dinner with chicken and it was super good! Such a healthy alternative and so many veggies in 1 meal!

We spent the remainder of the evening playing with Liam and watching him be silly. His little personality develops more and more each day.


Before heading to work out Liam got some early morning play-doh time.

Then it was off to the gym for me. Not sure what got into me but I decided to make the sweat circuit extra tough and it felt so good! The ladies who came kicked butt and it’s always nice when my bestie Molly joins us!


When I got home Joe’s sister Erin and niece Kameryn were at the house. It was great to see them and Kam just loves Liam.

We had to do some grocery shopping so when I got home Joe, Liam and I headed into town to go to Aldi. This has become a normal Saturday event for us and it is great. We do it as a family which makes it so much more enjoyable and Liam loves going with.

After Aldi, we headed home and I took Liam straight outside to enjoy some sunshine. Then it was time for lunch and nap.


During Liam’s nap Joe and I worked on power cleaning the house. We tried to put things away and get a little more organized. I also decided to transition Liam into a booster seat and put his high chair away. I scrubbed the high chair and washed what I could to put away until baby 2 needs it.

Liam decided to take a super short nap. So our cleaning was cut short. He wanted to go outside right away so we headed back outside to play some more.


We decided since Liam was up so early and it was so nice out that we should go do something. After some thinking we decided to go to Willow River State Park in Hudson to hike and see the water falls.

Well it has been a while since either of us has done this and so we probably didn’t park in the best spot. We had quite the hike to get to the falls but we did eventually make it.

We took a different path back and at one point we just weren’t exactly sure where to go but we did find our way back. My phone said we went about 3 miles!

We went out to dinner after our hike at Big Guys BBQ. We had been there once before. I remembered it being really amazing the first time we went but this time it was just so-so.

We were all so exhausted after our long eventful day. We headed home and put Liam to bed and then shortly after that I decided to go to bed too.


Happy Mother’s day to all the mom’s out there! Especially my mom! 🙂


I started my morning by sleeping in a little longer than I normally do. It felt nice to not have to rush out of bed for any reason.

Liam made me an adorable flower pot at day care on Friday. So cute!


Joe offered to pick up Caribou Coffee so I sent him on his way to get me a yummy drink. Liam and I played and had breakfast while he was gone.

Joe took Liam for the morning so I could take my time getting ready. I even was able to paint my toe nails and finger nails (something I haven’t been able to do in a while). Then I had to make a dessert to bring to my mom’s house. I decided to make Strawberry Cheesecake Dip (it doesn’t look very pretty but it sure tasted delicious).

Once I was ready we went outside to take some pictures of me and Liam. He looked so darn cute!

I also had to get a bump picture with baby 2! 🙂


My mom was hosting Mother’s day at her house at 1:30. Since this is right during Liam’s nap we decided to head over there early and let Liam nap there. He ended up taking a really great nap. I knew we had to leave that party early to go to the next so I ended up waking Liam up. He woke up super tired and shy but warmed up after a little while.

Liam really didn’t want anyone talking to him so he went over to a table by himself and covered his eyes with his hat. He is so funny!


I was thankful he was able to play with his cousins before they left as well.

My mom was in her glory with all her grandbabies! 🙂


Then we headed over to Joe’s aunt’s house to celebrate Mother’s day with his mom and grandma and family.


Liam got some more cousin time there as well. He definitely warmed up a little quicker at this party.

After eating there we went to the park across the street. “Bumpa” carried Liam on his shoulders there.


Liam had fun playing at the park. He mostly liked throwing the wood chips.

After the park we headed back to the house, said our goodbyes, and headed home. We gave Liam a bath and then it was bed time for him.

We relaxed for a little while and then I headed to bed early. I get so tired by the end of the day lately, especially if we are busy.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and all the mom’s were able to enjoy their day! Have a great week!


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