2nd trimester -weeks 13-20 (Halfway!)

Well I have made it to the 2nd trimester. This is when things are supposed to get better so I hope they do. I decided to do weeks 13-20 seeing as 20 weeks marks halfway.

Week 13
Still feeling lack of appetite in the evenings. I have been doing better with eating but still struggling to stick to my healthy eating I was doing before pregnancy. Mostly wanting carbs and sweets. Vegetables are more challenging to eat. Fruit is always good though.


Belly button has started to migrate outwards (so early this time around!). My belly is becoming more rounded every day!

Week 14
My appetite is finally back. I still don’t necessarily crave food but I am hungry that is for sure. I’ve actually even been able to stick to a fairly healthy diet this week which has been really helpful and encouraging. I am hoping to keep it up!



I got sick this week. It started out very mild but throughout this week progressed into some major respiratory issues. I made a dr appt to check on the baby as well as see what I can do to support my immune system. I have asthma which really has been gone for several years now but came back when I was pregnant with Liam and now again with this pregnancy. Thankfully I was able to start some medication for that and within a few days was starting to feel better.

Week 15
I could literally eat all day long. I am soooo hungry but still not entirely interested in food. If it is there I will eat it but if you ask me what I want to eat….it’s usually nothing.

I am finally feeling better this week after having some sort of respiratory cold. It’s tough to kick when you are pregnant but rest and fluids helped a lot. Hopefully this is the only illness I encounter the remainder of this pregnancy.


I have actually slept through the night a few times this week without getting up to use the bathroom. The baby must have shifted away from the bladder which has been sooo nice. I just never sleep as well after getting up to use the bathroom so I am extremely grateful for these few nights of uninterrupted rest.

My belly button has started to migrate outwards. This is always so weird to me. It is still in but moving out.

Week 16
Appetite is still going strong. I don’t have specific cravings but I am hungry and want to eat which is a really good thing!

I was struck with the flu during this week. It only lasted one day thank goodness but it was terrible and kept me sluggish all week.


My belly button is still in but it is really close to out. I’m going to have to take out my belly piercing/jewelry soon.

The sleeping through the night without having to pee thing was very brief. Up every night at some point.

Week 17
Appetite is still there especially after recovering from the flu. Having some serious cravings for sugar….mostly sweet/sour foods. I also crave some salty foods too. It’s really a toss up.

My skin has been so weird…my face and my chest. I seem to be breaking out a little bit more and have kind of blotchy skin now. Speaking of chest…my boobs are definitely growing.


My belly button is so close to popping out. Going to have to remove the belly button ring very soon.

Tried some maternity pants this week. I am still pretty in between but they were a nice alternative to my other pants.

Week 18
We went on vacation during this week. It was super fun! My appetite was crazy and I was hungry the whole vacation which was good. I am glad I was able to eat.

I had some lower back pain this week but that could be from all the travelling and the stress that goes with it.

My belly is starting to feel itchy as it grows and it sure is growing! I am still in between regular and maternity clothes. I am thankful I saved some pants that were too big for me because they are fitting pretty good now.


Belly button isn’t sticking out but it is out. The belly button ring has been removed.

I am still getting up every night to pee. I know that is going to be my life for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Week 19
My appetite is still going strong. I can eat all day every day. I seem to be so hungry lately.

My skin continues to be itchy. My belly button is for sure out. It is visible under my clothes now. Crazy how fast that happened!


I got a new face wash and that seems to be helping with my skin issue I was having. Some people say their hair changes but I haven’t noticed any changes with my hair.

I am still exercising regularly. I still teach 2 Zumba classes a week and 1 sweat circuit. I also either go for a walk or go on the elliptical over my lunch break twice a week. I try to take walks on the weekends as well if the weather is nice.

We had our ultrasound this week 19 day 6. It was great! Joe and Liam came with and it is just so cool to see the baby. This little one was moving all over the place during it. They sent us home with over 15 pictures of the baby.

Overall I am feeling really good. I have started to really get uncomfortable sitting, standing, sleeping, but that is the product of a growing baby! Generally though I feel great. I am usually really tired by the end of the day and end up going to bed pretty early. My pace for walking has slowed a little as well because of the extra weight and changing body.

Today is the beginning of week 20! I am officially halfway there! 


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