Soaking up the sunshine this weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend. The weather was amazing and we were able to get outside and soak up the sunshine but also be productive too.


After work Liam and I went straight outside to play. I filled up his new no spill bubbles he got for Easter and we had a lot of fun outside.


It was our normal Saturday morning routine. Wake up, drink smoothies, and I head to sweat circuit while Joe and Liam hang out. We had a great class!


Then I had to rush home, shower, and get ready. We had our niece Kameryn’s dance recital. We brought Liam to my mom’s to play and nap while we went to the recital.


The recital was so cute and Kameryn did so good. She really looked like she was having fun up on stage. Our brother-in-law Joel was also in the Dads dance group. He did great too! So fun to watch!

Liam of course had a blast with my mom and brother Blake. He even took a short nap because he was too excited to play outside with all the toys.

Then we went to Aldi quick to grab some fresh fruit and veggies. Then it was home to play outside some more. I had a delicious yogurt and fruit snack while Liam had fun in the swing.

We went for a family walk in the evening and then had burgers on the grill.


We were all exhausted by the end of the day! What a great day!


We had a lazy early Sunday morning. Then I started cleaning up the house a bit and Liam played with play-doh. It kept him entertained for a while which was nice because I was able to get the kitchen cleaned up.

Then Liam and I headed to the store to get a few groceries and renew my tabs for my vehicle.

We had brunch plans with the Greer’s at 10:30 so we headed out to Rusty’s after the store. So fun to catch up with them and eat delicious food.


We got home to put Liam down for nap. I cleaned more while Joe mowed the lawn.

Molly came over to pick up a few things at my house that belonged to her. We chatted and it was great to catch up. I also made her a delicious fruit smoothie to satisfy her desire for the Starbucks Unicorn drink (puke! lol).


After Molly left we went for a family walk. It is so nice to get outside and get some exercise by walking around the neighborhood.


Joe decided he wanted to smoke our chicken for dinner so he worked on that while Liam and I played in the yard. He loves running around outside and playing in the dirt.

My dad stopped by before dinner on his motorcycle. He took Liam for a few rides up and down the driveway (ahhhh!) and Liam of course loved it!


We had dinner and played a little more before giving Liam a bath and putting him to bed.

I had to finish up some laundry and then Joe and I kicked back and watched Parks and Recreation on Netflix.

We really had such and enjoyable weekend and are looking forward to warm weather and more weekends like this!


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