Zoo, date, baby shower, birthday!

This weekend was a busy and fun one. However, Liam and I both ended up sick by the end of it. Hoping it passes quickly!


Since I was off work we met up with my friend Laura and her two girls at the MN zoo. Liam enjoyed seeing all the animals. He especially loved the monkeys and the wolves.

Laura and the girls had to leave but Liam just wasn’t ready to go so I braved the cold and took him to see the baby farm animals. They were adorable! He was okay with the baby animals but he did not like the big farm animals at all. He kept saying “all done.”

Friday evening Joe and I had a date night planned so we dropped Liam off at my parent’s house for a sleepover.

Joe and I went to dinner at Pier 500 where they have the best gouda cheese nachos. They were so good! We order our dinner and we were both so full after however we heard the banana cream pie is a must so we ordered it to go.

We had a little time to kill so we drove into this park that had a beautiful view of the river. It was a gloomy evening and everything is quite brown, but still a pretty view.


Then we headed to the movies. I so badly wanted to see Beauty and the Beast so Joe sucked it up and went with me. I am so glad he did. The movie was amazing.

Then we headed home. Once home we both tried a little of the pie which was delicious! Then it was off to bed.


I was up early to head off to the gym for Sweat Circuit. I got to the gym a little early to warm up on the treadmill. My class was really tough this week but it was really good. Felt good to get a good sweat on a Saturday morning.


I hustled home after to shower and then Joe and I went to pick up Liam. My Aunt Sherrie came to town to visit for the weekend so we hung out there for a little bit and chatted before heading back home. We all had to finished getting ready and then head off to Joe’s cousin’s baby shower.

The baby shower was a ladies and gentleman shower so we all went together. It was during Liam’s nap so we brought the pack and play in the hopes that Liam would take a little nap while we were there.

Joe went to the shed with the guys and Liam and I went inside with the ladies. We had lunch and I let Liam explore a little before putting him down for nap. It took him a while to fall asleep but eventually he gave in.

Pat and Heidi got a bunch of really amazing gifts and the shower was so nice. It was nice to spend time with Joe’s family since we missed Christmas this year due to getting so sick. We haven’t seen many of them for a while.

We then headed home for a relaxing evening. We all were exhausted from the busy day and so we just lounged.


Liam woke up feeling really sick. He was so sad and had a bad cough. We ended up doing our best to take turns trying to make him feel better and snuggle him.

We had our niece Ayla’s birthday party in the afternoon. With Liam being sick, Joe and Liam stayed home and I went to the party.

Ayla is such a happy and loving little girl. She was so excited about every gift she got and she was just so happy her family was there to celebrate her.


Then I headed home. Liam was still not feeling well after his nap. We took his temperature and he had a fever. Poor little buddy.

Once home I really started to not feels so well myself.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and cuddling.

We had a busy but fun weekend. Now we are just praying for healing over our house and that Joe doesn’t get sick so he can take care of us! Have a great week!


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