St Patrick’s Day 2017

St. Patrick’s day is always a fun holiday for me. I have some Irish in my blood but one of my besties is 100% Irish. She always makes lots of fun plans for the day. Of course this year the holiday was more mellow with Liam but we were still able to have lots of fun.

I started off my morning with an early trip to the store to get Liam some milk. I found some yummy donuts at the store and couldn’t resist. Liam even got to have a little bit.

Then we headed to breakfast at Rusty’s with Molly, her parents, Annie, and Katrina.

Then we went to the Bean Bag Coffeehouse for a hot drink. I got a chai latte which was yummy! My chai latte had a little mustache sticker to keep it from spilling. Of course I had to put it on Liam!


Then it was home for Liam’s nap time.

After nap Joe got home and we headed to his sister’s to watch the parade. The parade goes right in front of her house. Liam was in a trance over the fire trucks in the parade. I think he enjoyed watching.

Then Joe’s sister had pizza and tacos for the kids and adults to have for dinner. The tacos were super good.


Then we headed home for the rest of the evening. We put Liam to bed and relaxed and finished Friday Night Lights on Netflix. What a great show!

I really wouldn’t have wanted to spend my St. Patrick’s Day any other way. Such a fun day! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday as well!

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