Zoo, date, baby shower, birthday!

This weekend was a busy and fun one. However, Liam and I both ended up sick by the end of it. Hoping it passes quickly!


Since I was off work we met up with my friend Laura and her two girls at the MN zoo. Liam enjoyed seeing all the animals. He especially loved the monkeys and the wolves.

Laura and the girls had to leave but Liam just wasn’t ready to go so I braved the cold and took him to see the baby farm animals. They were adorable! He was okay with the baby animals but he did not like the big farm animals at all. He kept saying “all done.”

Friday evening Joe and I had a date night planned so we dropped Liam off at my parent’s house for a sleepover.

Joe and I went to dinner at Pier 500 where they have the best gouda cheese nachos. They were so good! We order our dinner and we were both so full after however we heard the banana cream pie is a must so we ordered it to go.

We had a little time to kill so we drove into this park that had a beautiful view of the river. It was a gloomy evening and everything is quite brown, but still a pretty view.


Then we headed to the movies. I so badly wanted to see Beauty and the Beast so Joe sucked it up and went with me. I am so glad he did. The movie was amazing.

Then we headed home. Once home we both tried a little of the pie which was delicious! Then it was off to bed.


I was up early to head off to the gym for Sweat Circuit. I got to the gym a little early to warm up on the treadmill. My class was really tough this week but it was really good. Felt good to get a good sweat on a Saturday morning.


I hustled home after to shower and then Joe and I went to pick up Liam. My Aunt Sherrie came to town to visit for the weekend so we hung out there for a little bit and chatted before heading back home. We all had to finished getting ready and then head off to Joe’s cousin’s baby shower.

The baby shower was a ladies and gentleman shower so we all went together. It was during Liam’s nap so we brought the pack and play in the hopes that Liam would take a little nap while we were there.

Joe went to the shed with the guys and Liam and I went inside with the ladies. We had lunch and I let Liam explore a little before putting him down for nap. It took him a while to fall asleep but eventually he gave in.

Pat and Heidi got a bunch of really amazing gifts and the shower was so nice. It was nice to spend time with Joe’s family since we missed Christmas this year due to getting so sick. We haven’t seen many of them for a while.

We then headed home for a relaxing evening. We all were exhausted from the busy day and so we just lounged.


Liam woke up feeling really sick. He was so sad and had a bad cough. We ended up doing our best to take turns trying to make him feel better and snuggle him.

We had our niece Ayla’s birthday party in the afternoon. With Liam being sick, Joe and Liam stayed home and I went to the party.

Ayla is such a happy and loving little girl. She was so excited about every gift she got and she was just so happy her family was there to celebrate her.


Then I headed home. Liam was still not feeling well after his nap. We took his temperature and he had a fever. Poor little buddy.

Once home I really started to not feels so well myself.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and cuddling.

We had a busy but fun weekend. Now we are just praying for healing over our house and that Joe doesn’t get sick so he can take care of us! Have a great week!


Ready for warmer weather

We had another really good weekend. We were able to spend time with friends and family which is always great.


It was St. Patrick’s day and I made it’s own post here. It was a fun day!



I didn’t have workout Saturday morning so I slept in a little bit. Liam had his morning smoothie and insisted he use a can koozie so I let him use our new Hair Company “Irish I got my hair done at…Hair company” koozie. He loved it!


Joe had an oil change in the morning so we dropped his truck off and visited my grandparents while we waited for his truck to get done. Liam is all over the place exploring at their house.


Then we went home and had lunch and Liam’s nap time. We were also able to catch the end of the Badgers basketball game which was awesome!

After nap we had plans to go outside but it ended up being chillier than we expected so we spent the evening playing inside. We made tater tot hot dish for dinner which was tasty.

The Blackhawks played in the evening so we watched that before heading to bed.


Sunday was Joe’s day to sleep in and Liam and I got up together and snuggled on the couch. Once Joe woke up Liam insisted it be story time which is always so cute.


Then we head to Liam’s Uncle Patrick’s hockey game. Liam loves watching hockey and he got to spend time with his grandparents.

After the game we went to breakfast at Rusty’s with Joe’s parents, Patrick, and his girlfriend Kat.

Then it was nap time for Liam. After nap it was pretty nice outside so we decided to go for a family walk. It was a little chilly but felt good to get outside.

Joe cooked a delicious dinner and then took Liam outside again to play. Liam loves being outside and we just can’t wait for warmer weather.

Liam was dirty after playing outside so it was bath night and then bed time for him.

The Blackhawks played again so we watched them win before calling it a night.

Another great weekend in the books. Enjoy your week!

St Patrick’s Day 2017

St. Patrick’s day is always a fun holiday for me. I have some Irish in my blood but one of my besties is 100% Irish. She always makes lots of fun plans for the day. Of course this year the holiday was more mellow with Liam but we were still able to have lots of fun.

I started off my morning with an early trip to the store to get Liam some milk. I found some yummy donuts at the store and couldn’t resist. Liam even got to have a little bit.

Then we headed to breakfast at Rusty’s with Molly, her parents, Annie, and Katrina.

Then we went to the Bean Bag Coffeehouse for a hot drink. I got a chai latte which was yummy! My chai latte had a little mustache sticker to keep it from spilling. Of course I had to put it on Liam!


Then it was home for Liam’s nap time.

After nap Joe got home and we headed to his sister’s to watch the parade. The parade goes right in front of her house. Liam was in a trance over the fire trucks in the parade. I think he enjoyed watching.

Then Joe’s sister had pizza and tacos for the kids and adults to have for dinner. The tacos were super good.


Then we headed home for the rest of the evening. We put Liam to bed and relaxed and finished Friday Night Lights on Netflix. What a great show!

I really wouldn’t have wanted to spend my St. Patrick’s Day any other way. Such a fun day! Hope you all enjoyed the holiday as well!

Mommy and Liam weekend

Joe was away at his hockey state championship this weekend (he coaches Pee Wee A). It was in Milwaukee so Liam and I stayed home and spent the weekend together. The weekend felt pretty long flying solo with the little guy but it was a good weekend.


Joe left around 3 in the afternoon. Liam was still napping which was nice for me. Once Liam woke up we ran a few errands and I actually bought him a potty chair. I know, I know he is still so little but he expresses interest in us going to the bathroom so I figured it wouldn’t be bad to have on hand. He actually wanted to try sitting on it. It was adorable!


We spent our evening playing, and reading, and having fun until Liam’s bed time.


Liam of course needed his morning “smoothie.” I’m so glad he loves the shakes and that I can know he is getting great nutrition.


I had sweat circuit in the morning so Liam spent the morning at my parent’s house. After my workout I hung out there for a little bit too before heading home for Liam’s lunch.

Liam had lunch and then a nap. I relaxed during Liam’s nap. There is so much to be done around the house but I just didn’t have the motivation to do it. Relaxing sounded way better!

After nap we played some more. I really spend the majority of the evening trying to entertain Liam. He was pretty good though other than a few naughty spells here and there. He can be a stinker sometimes.


It was bath night so Liam took a bath and then headed to bed. I forgot about daylight savings and thought maybe I should have put him to bed a little sooner than I did to make up for the lost hour. It was too late to take back time so I was just hoping it would all work out.

I ended up relaxing in the bath after Liam went to sleep. I used Epsom salts and essential oils for a relaxing bath. It was nice to have some me time. I then decided to head to bed early because I was tired and wasn’t sure what time I would need to get up with Liam in the morning.

**Joe’s team won both their games and were heading to the championship Sunday!


Liam ended up sleeping until after 7 which surprised me at first but then I realized it shouldn’t surprise me at all with the lost hour. He of course needed his morning “smoothie” again. It is adorable how he asks for it and how excited he is to get it.


The morning consisted of lots of snuggles for me and then lots of snuggles for Marley too.

We had some playtime on the couch which included some static. He thought it was so funny when he would shock me.


Joe’s mom stopped over to play with Liam for a little while before his nap. Then it was nap time for Liam and lounge time for mama.

Then my parents invited us over for dinner so we headed over there for some playtime before dinner. Liam had a blast building towers with his Bumpa.

He also loved playing ring around the rosie with his grandma and bumpa. Every time they finished he would say more. It was so cute.

Then we rushed home for bed time. I put Liam to bed and spent some time watching a movie on TV before heading to bed.

*Joe’s team lost in the championship game. He got home late Sunday night after I went to bed.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I hope you have a great week ahead and have a great St. Patrick’s day!

Liam is 18 months old!

I can’t believe my little boy is already a year and a half old! Where has the time gone?? He has had many new experiences since my last post; vacation in Mexico, time outside in the snow, visit to the ice castles, running around outside when the snow melted and the weather was warm, he got his first haircut, and so much more!

We had his 18 month pictures taken and he did really great. He is growing and learning so much.


Liam had his 18 month well baby check at the end of February. He has stayed consistent with weight gain and head growth but he shot up these last few months. He is now in the 75th percentile for height (25th at his 15 month) and measures at 33 inches. For his weight he is now 23.8 lbs which is the 48th percentile. His head size is 47 cm which is 41st percentile.

Overall Liam has remained fairly healthy other than a cold/cough here and there. He also remained healthy over mine and Joe’s battle with the flu at Christmas time. Thank goodness for that!

Liam continues to be a good sleeper for us. There are some mornings that he gets up a little earlier than we would like and there are some naps that are shorter than we would like but overall he is a great sleeper. We have kept his routine of bedtime between 7-7:30 at night and he gets up between 5:30-6:30 usually. We still don’t let him get out of bed before 6am and he will lay and/or entertain himself until we get him. He truly is such a good little guy.

Liam is repeating everything! Liam’s vocabulary continues to expand on a daily basis. Lately we have been working on numbers and colors. He knows “two” and “blue.” So we have some work to do still-haha! Some of the phrases Liam will say are “all done” and “I don’t know.” He also says “love you” and “see ya later.”

Liam is all over the place. There is no stopping him now. He is running, climbing, and standing on things he shouldn’t be. He is also quite the dancer.

Well Liam has been a good eater from the start and continues to be a good eater. He has his days where he can be picky but for the most part he can eat. He loves eating anything Joe or I am eating. The one thing that stands out that he doesn’t like is leafy greens-however he will eat spinach if it is cooked with something.

Liam now has 12 teeth! He has his four top and bottom and then 4 molars as well. He enjoys brushing his teeth which make the task pretty easy for us to accomplish -thank goodness.

Liam has become very silly. He knows when he is being funny. He also knows when he is being naughty. Liam has also become really shy lately. He is very curious and has been since day 1. He takes in everything around him and checks everything out. This kid seriously misses nothing! It is adorable watching my learn and grow.


  • being outside
  • Marley
  • Spending time with his dad
  • Spending time with either of his grandpas
  • being around other kids
  • babies
  • sucking on his swaddle blanket
  • Mickey Mouse
  • running all over the place
  • hiding
  • reading books
  • saying “no”


  • mom picking his nose or ears
  • waiting for his food
  • being told “no”
  • sitting still
  • strangers

Another weekend indoors

We had a pretty busy and good weekend. It is so great when we get to spend the weekend together as a family.


I agreed to watch our neighbor for the day so Liam had a little play date. The two boys are so cute together. They are sure to cause some trouble down the road…and break a few hearts too.

We invited my parents over for spaghetti Friday. It was nice to have them over for dinner. We haven’t cooked for them in a while. My mom brought a delicious chocolate cake as well. It was so good!

Liam loved the extra attention before his bed time. He sure does love his “bumpa.”

Then we watched some of the Blackhawks hockey game before my parents headed home. Joe and I watched a little more of the game and then I headed to bed while he stayed up to watch the rest.


I had my morning shake and Liam now insists that he has a “smoothie” as well. It’s adorable and he loves them! I’m happy to give him the good nutrition.

There was no sweat circuit so I walked at an incline on the treadmill for a little while before heading home.

Joe made some last minute plans to have breakfast with a friend so he headed to do that while I made my post workout breakfast of scrambled eggs. Liam and I had some fun while dad was gone. We played and danced and made lots of messes.

Once Joe got home it was time for Liam’s nap. We were hoping for it to warm up outside so we could spend some time outside after nap but it didn’t really get very warm and was super windy.

We spent the rest of the evening chasing Liam around, making tater tot hot dish, and relaxing.

The Blackhawks played again so we watched the game again before heading to bed.


Joe tried to let me sleep in but I couldn’t. Plus Liam is quite loud in the morning. So we were all up early and ready to play.

We headed to breakfast at our favorite place -Rusty’s. Then it was off to church.

After church we were all wiped out and super full so we all took naps.

My friend Molly stopped by for a quick visit. She was supposed to pick something up that I didn’t have but it gave us a chance to chat.

Once Liam was up he had snack and then it was off to Joe’s hockey game. Liam loves watching hockey. He sat still most of the time but by the end he was running all over.

Then it was home for dinner, play time, bath time, Liam’s bed time, and then some Friday Night Lights.

Overall we had a really great weekend with the perfect combination of busy and lazy. Hope you have a great week ahead!