Back to the cold

Well the weather turned cold again which was no surprise. However we were able to have another really great weekend.


I had a girls night planned so Joe and Liam spent the evening together while I headed to Stillwater with my friends.

First we went to Osaka for dinner. Then after that we had a private party booked at the Pole Barn Studio for a pole dancing party. Now I know it sounds risque however it was a lot of fun and a lot of work too. It was a great workout and a fun evening with the ladies.

We were able to warm up on the silks which were a ton a fun. Then we made up a routine on the poles and learned a few spin moves.

After our routine we were able to hang out and play around on the silks and poles as much as we wanted. We all really liked the silks so we spent our remaining time practicing some of the moves we learned.

After we headed back to town for apps and drinks at Champs. It was a successful ladies night!


I woke up sore from the evening before! I was surprised how sore my muscles were. Then I had to go teach a sweat circuit at Snap and knew it was going to be tough.

After class Liam and I had some fun with snap chat. He is so cute!


Joe and I decided to have a date night in so after we put Liam down for bed we had a steak dinner with asparagus and smashed potatoes. It was so delicious. Then we relaxed and watched Netflix.


We spent the morning cleaning a little and getting ready for Liam’s 18 month pictures. Signe Shores does our pictures and she is amazing. She came to our house and took some really great pictures of Liam even though he was being shy.

I’m so excited to see the final proofs!

We decided to let Liam have a no pants Sunday since we had no plans for the rest of the day. He was adorable with his high socks and he insisted on wearing his shoes.

Joe’s parents stop by to visit for a little bit and then while they were there my parents made a surprise stop as well. It was fun to have everyone over and Liam loved having all his grandparents at his house.

We forgot to plan dinner so we ended up having Jimmy John’s and then a lazy rest of the evening.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It’s almost March now!! Time is flying!

50 in February!

The weather this weekend was amazing and we spent a lot of our time soaking it up!


Liam and I played outside a little bit and then went to a walk with Marley. It was so nice outside!


After Liam’s nap we decided to go for a second walk because it was just too nice out. It felt so good to get some fresh air.

It was spaghetti Friday so we had spaghetti for dinner which we all love. We spent the remainder of the evening playing and relaxing.



I switched my Saturday morning Zumba class to a sweat circuit and it was killer. I had a good sized class and we busted our butts.


When I got home I took Liam outside to swing. He insisted he wear his sunglasses. So funny! It was still a little chilly so we didn’t stay out long.

After Liam’s nap Joe took Liam outside to play some more. He just loves being outside and I can’t wait for the warm weather to stay so we can be outside more.

Then we went for a family walk and ended up meeting up with our friends/neighbors and walking with them. The guys pulled a little prank so it was an interesting walk to say the least.

Joe had a hockey game in the evening so he headed off to that while I tackled bedtime and watched One Tree Hill.



We spent the morning relaxing and cleaning a little bit. Liam woke up with his cranky pants on so we did what we could to keep him happy.

After Liam’s nap it was nice outside so we went for a walk. After our first lap the neighbors were going for a walk as well so we went for a second lap with them. Seriously loving the warm weather!

After our walk we played outside a little longer.

Joe had hockey again so Liam and I spent the evening hanging out. We had bath time and then it was time for bed.

Joe got home and we spent the evening relaxing and headed to bed early.

We are so thankful for the warm weather this weekend and are thankful to have been able to enjoy it! I hope you had a great weekend and I hope you enjoy your week!

A beautiful winter weekend

We had a really great weekend. The weather was wonderful and we were able to spend time together as a family.


We made spaghetti for dinner once Joe got home from work. It was delicious and messy! We spent our evening playing with Liam and relaxing. No other way I would want to spend my Friday night!

Joe and I are hooked on Friday Night Lights! It’s a really great show on Netflix!


Zumba was cancelled so Joe, Liam, and I all slept in until 7:30! It felt good to get some extra rest.


The weather was so beautiful on Saturday so we went for a family walk. It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the weather! Can’t wait to be able to go on walks outside all the time.


After Liam’s nap we went to my parent’s house to pick them up and my brother Blake. Then we headed to Stillwater to see the Ice Castles. They were really cool! Since the weather was warmer they were melting and dripping a lot but it was still really fun.

We met my brother Sean and his family there. It was a fun family outing!


After the ice castles we went back to my parents for taco night. My mom makes the best tacos.

Then it was Liam’s bed time so we headed home to put him to bed and watch some Netflix.


Joe had his mind set on going out for breakfast so we headed to our favorite place, Rusty’s, and had a delicious breakfast. I was super naughty and got the strawberry french toast which was so yummy!


Then we went to church. My brother preached and it was great!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. I love a lazy Sunday!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy some time outside. Have a great week!

Fun meeting baby Isla and then an uneventful weekend

Well it was a really unproductive and uneventful weekend for me. Other than Friday we pretty much did nothing which was fine.


I had the day off so Liam and I packed up and went to visit my coworker/friend Laura and her daughter Aria and new baby girl Isla. Liam and Aria had so much fun playing together and Liam loved the baby. Our friend Jenna came to visit a little while after Liam and I got there so that was fun too!

It was so nice to catch up with Laura and see her sweet little family.

Once we got him we had a relaxing afternoon and evening. Pretty uneventful.


I was supposed to teach Zumba but class was cancelled so I went to the gym to run instead. I ran 2 miles at what I’m pretty sure is the fastest I have ever ran. It felt really good to get a good workout in.


Joe had hockey in the afternoon and I was starting to feel a little off. During Liam’s nap I took a nap too. After that I was really not feeling well. I had a stuffy nose and was sneezing a lot.

We spent the rest of the evening be lazy and resting because Joe was recovering from being sick and I was just beginning to get sick.



I still wasn’t feeling well at all. Lots of sneezing and stuffy nose action. We spent the morning watching Liam run around and play.

Joe had hockey again in the afternoon. I did my best to play with Liam and keep him entertained. Then again at this nap time I napped hoping to help me feel better. It did seem to help a little.

We made chili for the Superbowl and that was really good.

We spent the evening watching the game, the commercials, and hanging with Liam until his bed time. Then we finished watching the game and headed to bed.

It was a pretty uneventful weekend for us. I am still not feeling well but hoping to recovery soon! Have a great week!