A mix of busy and lazy

This weekend was a mix of both busy and lazy. All in all it was a good weekend.


I worked a half day on Friday and had intentions of being productive during Liam’s nap however I was lazy and watched One Tree Hill. Eventually I got to working on the kitchen a little.

My mom hosted a Wildtree party in the evening so I headed to that while Joe and Liam had a daddy and toddler evening. The party was fun and the food was really tasty.


In the morning I had my Zumba class. It really felt good getting my workout in knowing how busy the day ahead was going to be. Joe had hockey in the morning also so Liam spent the morning at my parent’s house.

Then it was home for me to play with Liam and shower for the day after a sweaty workout. Shortly after Liam went down for nap Joe got home and I was off to the high school. I volunteered to work concessions at the high school dance team competition. It was great because my sister in law Erin and best friend Annie were also volunteering at the same time. I made a lot of walking tacos!

I was able to stay and watch a few of the dances after my time slot was up. It was fun to watch.

Then it was home for a mommy and Liam evening because Joe had to go to a hunting banquet. We decided to go to the pool in town and meet Liam’s cousins Kam and Luke. Liam really didn’t enjoy the pool much but warmed up to it a little eventually. The exposure was good but probably not something we will do again very soon.


After Liam went down for the night I watched some more One Tree Hill and headed to bed.


After a busy Saturday we had a super lazy Sunday. We spent pretty much the whole day lounging and playing with Liam.

We did have a protein pancake and egg brunch at home which was really good. Then we all took a family nap. Joe was not feeling well and Liam always naps so they both have excuses but I was just tired and wanted a nap.


The rest of the afternoon and evening was super lazy. Joe had a hockey game in the evening so he headed to that while I put Liam down for bed and watched the Miss Universe pageant (congrats France!).

It was nice to have a lazy Sunday and a busy weekend otherwise. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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