Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!

Happy new year! Sorry this post is a day late. Joe and I both had work off yesterday so it was an extended weekend for us!


I had the day off Friday and was able to work out, run some errands, and clean the house.

Joe got home from work and we spent the evening playing with Liam. Then once Liam went to bed we were able to finish the original Gilmore Girls series. So good! I can’t wait to watch the new episodes. We didn’t want to start the first episode yet because it is 90 minutes so we watched This Is Us episode 2. We can’t wait to get more into that show as well.


After spending my morning with Joe and Liam it was off to teach Zumba for me. It felt good to get a final workout in for 2016. Once I returned home it was play time with Liam.

During Liam’s nap I was able to shower and get ready for the days events. I had a really busy day planned. (last year and this year pictures..he is growing to fast!)

After Liam’s nap we headed to his friend and our neighbor Keaton’s house for his golden 1st birthday. The theme was little golden books and it was adorable.

The birthday boy was loving the attention and having so much fun. It took Liam a little while to adjust but he had fun too.

They were adorable on Keaton’s little toy train together.

The birthday boy enjoyed his cake and dug right into the frosting. Of course the guests encouraged him to get extra messy by saying “oh no” and his response was putting his hands on his head. So dang cute!

After the birthday party I headed to the cities to be reunited with my college friends. We were celebrating NYE in our Canadian tuxedos (all denim).

Shout out to my friends Jerry and Lauren who hosted the gathering at their beautiful home with their beyond cute puppy Bennie.

It was so much fun to get the crew back together and spend the evening playing games and catching up.

SUNDAY (New Year’s Day)

Joe and Liam made sure to call me bright and early in the morning and get my butt on the road home. I packed my things and said my goodbyes and headed home.

Once home we headed to brunch with Joe’s parents and Kameryn and Luke. I had a BLT egg sandwich with avocado ranch. It was pretty good!

Then it was back home for naps for the whole family. It felt good to get some extra rest.

Our driveway was super slippery with ice so Joe went outside to salt. I bundled Liam up and we headed outside to get some fresh air too. Liam fell on the ice instantly (but gracefully) and was too cute. He loved salting the driveway with dad and running around outside.

Joe has been waiting to get his Elk antlers from his hunt in September and they finally arrived at his parent’s house so we packed up after dinner and headed there to check them out.

Joe was very proud as he should be. And Liam didn’t mind either.

The kids all rushed upstairs to play on the bunk beds. Liam had fun pretend jumping on the bed.

Then it was home for Liam’s bedtime and the Packer football game. I barely made it 30 minutes into the game before I fell asleep on the couch. I was so tired. However, it was a Packer victory!! YAY!

I hope everyone had a wonderful NYE and that 2017 brings you more joy and more happiness!

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