Christmas 2016

We had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family even with our unexpected illness. Warning: long, busy weekend equals lots of pictures!


I had the day off so I got to spend some extra time with my little guy. He was having a rough morning so we were able to cuddle up on the couch and take a nap together. It was the best.


I made some protein balls for a quick grab and go healthy snack for the weekend and also peeled a pomegranate for the dishes I had to prepare for Saturday. I wasn’t sure of the best way to peel a pomegranate but thank goodness for youtube! It was much easier than I thought it would be.

My closest high school friends and I always have an ornament exchange Christmas party. Liam and I took some pre-party pictures!

Friday evening was the day we decided to have the party because our friend Amanda who lives in D.C. was going to be in town and has missed the last few years. Molly hosted the party at her parent’s house which is so beautifully decorated for Christmas. We had soups, salad, and side dishes. It was a fun evening together with the girls.


Joe played in the alumni hockey game Friday night. He said it was a lot of fun.

SATURDAY (Christmas Eve)

We spent the morning hustling and bustling around getting things ready for Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle’s house. I made this delicious fall fruit salad a coworker of mine had made for a work party. I also made the cranberry and pomegranate bruschetta I made for Thanksgiving.


Liam and I took some selfies in front of the tree. It is hard to keep him focused these days!

We took family photos in front of the tree and headed out around 12.

We had a delicious meal with prime rib and yummy side dishes. I tried really hard to stay on track with my healthy eating goals and did really good with the meal.


We had family time in the basement with presents and fun pictures before we headed to church.

After church we went back for evening appetizers. It was challenging to eat healthy at this time but I didn’t do terrible. Everything was so yummy! (Liam was obsessed with my Grandpa’s cane).


Then we headed home to get Liam to bed. And then all was quiet throughout the house until….I got the FLU! Around 8 or 9pm I was struck by the flu and it continued into the night until around 2am. Joe and I renamed this day as Christmas heave 2016.

SUNDAY (Christmas)

Joe got up with Liam and I got up too because it was Christmas day and Santa came to visit. I felt terrible and so tired but that’s what moms do (right?!?).  I even got the most horrible picture of Liam and I in our Christmas jammies. At the time I thought it was a decent picture but looking at it now I look terrible and like I got socked in the face.


Liam was slightly interested in his presents but not entirely. He wasn’t big on opening them but liked the toys once he saw them.

Then….the flu struck Joe. He began to feel worse and worse as the morning progressed.

We put on our adult pants and headed to his parent’s where we spent Christmas morning with them and opened gifts. His sister also had the flu. It was a quick visit and out the door for us but not before getting some cute pictures of course.

The rest of the day was spent at home. We had to miss Christmas at Joe’s parent’s house with his mom’s side of the family. We were so sad to miss it but neither of us could function. The hardest part was being a parent when we both were so sick. Thankfully Liam naps during the day and so we both were able to get some rest in especially since I was up most of the night.


Joe and I were both feeling much better. I had intentions of making Christmas protein pancakes on Christmas day so I decided to give them a whirl this morning. The first few did not turn out as I expected but I got better the more in made. Next year I will need to add a star at the top. Joe and I were able to eat a little but not much however it was good to get something in our stomachs.

Then it was Christmas time at my parent’s house. Joe and I were mostly just feeling tired with a little bit of a cautious stomach at this point. We had a meal of steak and crab to look forward to and Joe wasn’t going to let the flu stop him. It was delicious but I kept my meal small and couldn’t even eat everything on my plate.

Then it was present time. Liam loved his “digger” from Nana and Bumpa. He pretty much sat on it while we opened all the presents.

He got a new hat which he wasn’t entirely into keeping on. He also got some new farm animals and a Mickey Mouse from Uncle Blake (he is hugging it in the picture on his “digger”).

Liam had some fun with Blake and also the cane was back so that was a hit again.

My parents loved their canvas print from Judah and Liam. They needed one of the boys so now they have one.

Then it was story time with Bumpa. These boys sure do love their Bumpa.


We really had a wonderful day even though we weren’t feeling 100%. And we are so thankful that Liam stayed healthy through our sickness.


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and were able to cherish your time with friends and family.

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