Freezing and fun weekend

This weekend was incredibly cold (-22 degrees on Sunday) and of course we were so busy. I had a lot of things to do but all went well and we had a really great weekend.


Friday was the beginning of a big snow storm. It started snowing in the afternoon and ended up snowing until late in the night. It was so pretty but didn’t make for the best driving conditions. Slow and steady!

I didn’t have to work Friday and Joe ended up hitting a deer on his way to work so we both ended up being home. Joe spent most of the morning figuring out insurance and fixing his truck.

He was home in time for lunch which allowed me to go to the gym during Liam’s nap. I was happy to be able to get a good workout in before the weekend.

After Liam went to bed I went out with my friends Molly, Tyler, and Adam. We had a good night chatting and playing darts.


This was a really busy day for me. There was a lot of snow when we woke up so Joe plowed the driveway early in the morning.


I decided I was going to the gym. I was supposed to teach Zumba but with the snow I wasn’t sure anyone would show up. Nobody did except Molly so we did a shorter Zumba class.

Then it was quick home to shower and head to my mom’s for our annual cookie bake. Liam yelled for his “bumpa” as soon as we got there.

Liam was able to make some cut outs with Grandma.

Of course Grandma gave him a cookie to try and he loved it. He was nice enough to share with me too.

I had to get some cute Christmas pictures by the tree too.

We had to leave before Liam’s cousins made it to make more cookies. They did a good job finishing up the sugar cookies though!


We went home to put Liam down for his nap and then I had to finish getting ready. My friend Adam’s mom passed away and I went to her visitation at 1. It was very sad and my heart goes out to the entire Nirmaier family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Then I had to go back home to finish getting ready for Joe’s holiday work party. He got dressed up fancy and headed to Minneapolis after dropping Liam off for a sleep over at Joe’s parent’s house.


Minneapolis at night is so pretty. I just love looking at the big city.

We went to Ruth’s Chris Steak house for pre party appetizers and drinks with Joe’s work department. I was able to meet the people he works with and socialize.


Then it was off to the Hilton for the party. The venue was beautiful and there were so many appetizers. Everything was so fancy.

Then it was time for dinner. We both had steak and lobster as the main course and it was so good.

I even had some coffee post dinner. I also tried the dessert. It wasn’t my favorite but it sure looked pretty.

After dinner there were several people who spoke and then mentalist Oz Pearlman who was on America’s got talent in 2015 (and took 3rd) performed. He was incredible and so hard to believe how good he was.

Then we decided to head home. It was getting a little late and we had an hour drive. It was definitely nice to sleep in our own bed. It was a very fun evening and a great date night.


Joe and I were able to sleep in since Liam was at Joe’s parent’s house. It was nice to get a few extra hours since we were out late. Once we were up we were ready to get our little man. We headed out in the freezing weather to bring him home.


We decided to go back to his parent’s house to watch the Packer game and have dinner. (Liam is eating a banana and loves to take huge bites haha).

Then it was back out in the cold to head home for the evening. It was nice to be home and settle down a little before starting the week again.

It was another busy weekend but it was spent with the best people! Have a great week!

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